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Exciting New Changes for Season 18 of 'The Voice'

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By Kevin JP

Season 18 will not only be getting a new face in Nick Jonas, who was brought in to replace Gwen Stefani, but there are also a handful of updates and format changes to ensure the hit show continues to stay fresh. This year, they're planning to change up the live shows and the coaches strategic capabilities will also differ from last season. But why were the changes made and how exactly will these changes affect the competition? Let's find out!

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Less Live Shows for Season 18

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The show will continue utilizing the five stage format, beginning with the blind auditions, and then move on to the battle round, knockouts and then the playoffs. However, it's the next phase is where we'll see a change. There will be fewer live shows with the decision being made to cut them down to three weeks of live performances instead of six. This is to potentially minimize the occurrence of contestants making greater song choice risks knowing that only one person with be lost that particular week.

A Steal and A Save

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There have always been two steals, but it's in the battles that another one of the variations is taking place this season. The executive producer shared that, 'This season, instead, there will be a steal and save, which is how the knockout rounds used to be formatted.' This should add a new exciting twist to the show along with Season 18 bringing with it the return of the block. This lets a coach prevent another coach from recruiting during the 'blinds.'

I'll be Missing You

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Blake Shelton is the last remaining original coach on 'The Voice' and he had this to say about his fiancé Gwen Stefani's departure. 'I know she was sad when the last season ended, of course," Blake Shelton told Extra back in January. 'She loves being a part of this show, you know, but she also has to go right back to Las Vegas.' Gwen already coached for three seasons, and this is where she and Shelton happened to fall in love, after she decided to come back following Adam Levine's exit.

Blake - A Nick Jonas Stan?

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In a recent ad promoting the new season of The Voice, Shelton 'acts cool' while listening to his fellow coaches, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson talk about Jonas, who is joining The Voice as its fourth coach. “Nick, who?” Shelton says. After some banter about Jonas that has Shelton 'acting weird', the other coaches push open his dressing room door to find it plastered with Nick stuff. The look on Shelton's face is priceless as Jonas walks in and Blake says, 'Hi.' Shelton has joked about taking Gwen leaving 'The Voice' out on Nick.

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