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'Basketball Wives' Star Tami Roman Dishes On Her Current Relationship With Old Co-Star Shaunie O'Neal

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By Imani Ford

On a recent episode of Keyshia Cole’s talk show ‘Fox Soul,’ Tami was asked about her relationship with her old co-star Shaunie O’Neal. Tami claims that she thought they were close and had a sisterhood with one another but she was wrong. She then says that in the past 3 seasons, Shaunie has shown that she wasn’t as good a friend as she thought she should be. Keyshia then asks her if there was favoritism between Shaunie and the other cast members. Tami then responds with “Absolutely.”

Combining the LA and Miami Cast

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Tami then explains further. She liked the new cast when she came back to the hit series in 2015 but once the LA cast combined with the Miami cast, that’s when she became unhappy with the situation. Their dynamic changed when the new cast members were added. Tami even refers to someone from the 2016 cast as “demon seed.” The interview wasn’t all that negative when Shaunie was discussed though. Tami did say that she respected her and cared for her but their friendship was done.

'Demon Seed'

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The ‘demon seed’ Tami was referring to seems to be about Evelyn Lozada. When Lozada was brought back to the series in 2016, fans knew she was going to shake things up. Tami and Evelyn’s relationship with each other runs deep. They have always been frenemies but things got worse when it was rumored that Tami had a conversation about Evelyn sleeping with Shaunie’s ex-husband Shaquille O’Neal. Tami wasn’t the only person who discussed this rumor. Jennifer Williams claims that she didn’t say the rumor but she was asked about it.

He Said, She Said

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Jennifer then tells Shaunie that she and Tami discussed it a few months ago. Tami says Jennifer said it and Jennifer says Tami said it. As fans know, Evelyn denied those rumors. This puts a strain on Shaunie and Tami’s relationship. On the last aired season of Basketball Wives, Shaunie gets called out for being a fake friend. When someone was talking bad about Tami, Shaunie would laugh and not even take up for her friend. Shaunie said she just wanted to listen and didn’t want to get involved. She even claimed that she was innocent. This caused Tami to walk away from the show for good.

Their Friendship Is Completely Over

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Fans knew things were done between the two when 6 months ago, Tami unfollowed Shaunie. She declared that they are no longer friends. After that, Tami didn’t say much about their friendship until this interview. For most of the series, Tami and Shaunie had a close relationship but after that incident, things were never the same. Even though Tami says that her relationship with Shaunie is completely over, only time will tell if that’s true. Hopefully, after some time apart, they can come together and mend their friendship.

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