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Here's The Real Reason Tamar Braxton Deleted All Of Her Photos From Instagram

Gettyimages | Leon Bennett
By Imani Ford

If you go onto Tamar Braxton’s Instagram right now, you would see nothing. This is shocking because when you look at her 3.5 million followers, you wonder why? Even though she hasn’t told anyone directly, Wendy Williams has the answer. Some assume it’s because there is a rumor going around that ‘Braxton Family Values’ has been canceled. Another rumor is that she deleted everything because she and her boyfriend David are no longer together. This soulful singer posted a cryptic message on Twitter a few days ago, and it seems like it’s directed towards Adefeso.

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Post and Delete

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“If they don’t want you, there is no talking. No reasoning. Let it go and let God bring you the one who will be all that you need to accept all of you. Your flaws will not be your weakness but it will be your strength and attraction to the one that is meant to be in your life.” This post was made days ago right before she deleted everything on Instagram. What causes fans to speculate more is that she then deletes the post.

Wendy Williams Explains


The daytime talk show host and close friend to Tamar, Wendy Williams, came to her friend’s defense. She explains why Tamar deleted her Instagram posts. Wendy explains that Tamar is still with David and she deleted everything because she wants to rebrand herself. She thought that she had too many photos with David and she didn’t like that. Wendy then says that she wants her relationship to be more private. Wendy went on to say that as far as Tamar knows, ‘Braxton Family Values’ has not been canceled.

Tamar Wants Privacy

One thing about Tamar is that she has always been vocal and open about most things in her life. It is very little she keeps private but I guess she’s trying to change things now. It seems like another reason she wants to make her life a lot more private was because of the way her fans reacted to that cryptic post a few days ago. Her fans A.K.A Tamartians had a lot of negative things to say about David.

They’re Still Going Strong

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David and Tamar have been inseparable for almost two years. It seems that often fans have not been a fan of him and it might be causing problems. From his social media, it seems that they are still going strong. He hasn’t deleted any pictures of them off his Instagram. Now since she won’t be posting about her relationship so much, Tamarians might let up a little bit. Hopefully, things are REALLY good between the two because they seem very happy together.

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