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The cast of Captain Civil War

Fans Are Upset Over the Portrayal of this Popular MCU Character

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By Christian Avina

Fans of Marvel have all kinds of opinions when it comes to the MCU. Some are fantastic praising Disney for the decisions and some are more hostile when they let Marvel Studios about the problems they have with the MCU.

There are many characters that had an established fanbase before they appeared in the MCU and one character that fans feel has gotten worse every time we've seen on screen is Paul Bettany's Vision, but why could that be when other characters have the complete opposite situation?


Paul Bettany and james Spader at San Diego Comic Con
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The MCU has a long list of characters ranging in every single characteristic imaginable. Some characters haven't gotten the development that others haven't and it's become a noticeable pattern when it comes to a specific type. One can argue the less “human” characters were the ones getting the short end of the stick for good reason. Things like CGI play a huge role in connecting with a character whether you admit it or not. Seeing another human being in a film naturally draws you to them as opposed to a huge green Hulk. Sadly Vision is a victim of this.

His First Appeearance


Paul Bettany has been in most MCU films but didn't make a physical appearance until Joss Wheadon's Avengers: Age of Ultron. The character was essentially an infant in the film as he was born from the mind stone and was very much an enigma for audiences that had never seen the character. He was more of a fighting machine that was looking for his place in the world and was a strong member of the Avengers. Inevitably, he would be a strong player in what was to come, but as we know now, that was not the case.

Then we saw him in Captain America: Civil War and he was a much more civilized character that was nowhere near the same person we saw in Age of Ultron. He became far more docile with his lovely sweaters and was a sort of punching bag after that.

Will Vision Appear in 'WandaVision'?

WandaVision panel
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From what we've seen of the series so far, yes. It’s been made clear in the marketing for Disney+’s upcoming WandaVision that Vision will be returning to the MCU. This time, he’s going to be looking more human, how everyone remembers him from the prior Avengers movies which may give his character more attention.

Not much about the show is known. The trailers and snippets that we've gotten make it a tough nut to crack as it's something that we've never gotten in the MCU. One thing some of the cast members have revealed is it’ll start out as a 1950s-era sitcom and then evolve into a regular MCU movie. Apparently this means some major action scenes for the series

Different Version of Vision

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If this is true, then the Vision we have now a more human version will be returning to the more of an android character, part human part machine. What this means for the context of the show that's something that fans will theorize for hours on Twitter.

Since Marvel has been playing around with the concept of death as not being permanent, it's less frowned upon when it comes to an android character like Vision. The Disney+ exclusive is set to release later this year.

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