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Nick Cannon

Fans' Perspective: Is Nick Cannon's 'Wild 'N Out' Funny?

Gettyimages | Michael Tran
By Alan Blake

Nick Cannon created the show ‘Wild N’ Out’ in 2005 and hosted it on MTV. His idea was to invite a celebrity to the every-week show and get the casting team, and the guests roast each other. The show became an instant hit, and Cannon has managed to bring on stage many celebrities in the music industry.

The show has, however, been on and off and attracted mixed feelings about its nature. Its last come-back was in 2013, and Cannon still hosts his ‘Wild N’ Out.’

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Cannon’s Show Receives Criticism

Giphy | Nick Cannon

Cannon’s show that is over a decade old hasn’t been this far without a fair share of criticism. At some point, the host had to change to the mainstream comedy, following the Cable’s Dinner and mainstream celeb roasts.

Claire Down is probably one of the show’s big fans. She even took the initiative to list down the shows funniest and craziest moments when the VH1 stars are at the show. Azealia Banks, however, feels that the show isn’t entertaining, and at one time described its cast team as disgusting, cattle call comedians.

Wild N’ Out accused of Racism

Nick Cannon
Gettyimages | Rachel Luna

The American comedy is currently taking the ‘roast style’ going by what popular shows such as Cable are all about. Anyone scheduled for a live session ought not to be faint-hearted.

Azealia Banks, who openly dissed Cannon’s show on Instagram revealed her disappointment after disclosing she had not turned up for a roast session, but a music performance. She ended up participating in the session, which included racist jokes, and the whole experience left her crying which might have tarnished the show's image.

Cannon Thumbs up Banks for Her Performance

Nick Cannon
Gettyimages | Gabriel Olsen

Although she immediately after the show expressed her disgust over what she termed as going too far in their roasts, Cannon who created the show, applauded her for being strong and completing the session. He described her as a strong queen who went high on the day.

He allegedly felt for her, having been earlier connected to programs that were more family-friendly. Some fans, however, still find the episode hilarious, showing little concern over Banks’ who claims that the whole thing had been planned in advance.

Azealia Banks Probably attracted her Storm

Azealia Banks
Gettyimages | Matthew Baker

Azealia Banks may probably have been taking her share of medicine during her appearance on Wild N’ Out. According to reports, she had a few years ago dropped racist jokes on social media.

Cannon’s post in response to the insults Banks had dropped targeting his lupus diagnosis, had indicated that she had created her problem, and forgot to shield from the storm. ‘Don’t you hate when you create storms and fail to get your umbrella???’ Cannon’s show can however, be argued to be taking issues too far.

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