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Amy Schumer's New Roommate Is Her Ex

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By Melissa Weirick

One of the things that Amy Schumer is known best for is her honesty. She's not afraid of openness and is glaringly truthful about every aspect of her life. She shares personal details on Instagram about her son, Gene, (though she no longer shows his face) and isn't afraid to let audiences in on her marriage. She let fans know that her husband, Chris Fischer, is on the autism spectrum in order to shed light on the subject and normalize autism in itself.

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Though her material has changed over the years from lewd but relatable single-lady jokes to what life is really like as a working mom with a young baby, she still makes her fans feel like friends instead of admirers. Amy is known for pulling situations from her everyday life and turning them into jokes for her shows, and her latest living arrangement could be the most opportune one yet. Turns out, she and her husband's new roommate is one of her ex-boyfriends, Kyle Dunnigan.

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Kyle Dunnigan has starred on Reno 911!, but he's linked with Amy due to his work on Trainwreck and Inside Amy Schumer. For both of these projects, he was a writer and an actor as well. The reason he has moved in with Amy and Chris is supposedly due to a working relationship, being that he and Amy are working on an upcoming series together. Love, Beth is a series of half-hour episodes starring Schumer that will air on Hulu late this year.

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It seems that Kyle Dunnigan is enjoying his new digs in the bougie place in Manhattan. During an interview with Howard Stern, he said, "I’m supposed to leave in three weeks, but I don’t think I’m gonna." He also enjoys spending time with Amy's husband, as he told Howard Stern - “We bro out. We play chess. And all the food is really good and free.” Judging by all these accommodations, it's clear as to why Kyle wouldn't want to leave.

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Amy and Chris's relationship stands on a firm foundation. The two are dedicated to both each other and to their son, Gene, so the presence of the new roommate doesn't seem too bothersome. If it is a burden, though, fans can expect to hear about it in Amy's next standup special. There's nothing in her life that she won't go near, including her difficulties with getting pregnant and her trials and tribulations with the IVF process. By talking about these things freely, she removes the stigma from it all.

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What Amy and Chris have is solid as a rock. "Before we had our little babe it was just us. I love chris so much. I hope whoever you are with is so kind to you and also drives you crazy but you love them so much and you want to hang out with them more than anyone. That’s what we got and I’m grateful for this guy everyday even though he loves taking different routes every time we go somewhere and I like going the way I know. It’s good" There's no doubt this will continue long after Kyle Dunnigan has moved out!

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