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Could Marvel Take Over DC Comics?

Unsplash | Elijah O'Donnell
By Christian Avina

A huge rumor hit the comic book world following AT&T firing Dan DiDio who has served as co-publisher for DC Comics along with Jim Lee since 2010. It's rumored that after DiDio's exit that Kevin Feige and Marvel may take over DC Comis. It's crazy to think that two of the longest competing comic book publishers would take over the other especially with those brands expanding into different mediums like movies and TV shows. How true could this rumor be?

The Rumors

Dan DiDio on a panel
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The rumors say that AT&T wasn't happy at all with Dan DiDio's latest attempt at rebooting DC Comics with the upcoming 5G event, better known as the fifth generation reboot of DC, which would have seen classic characters replaced with a new modern take on the characters. It's said that Dan DiDio struggled to get along with Batman writer Scott Snyder over the 5G reboot. It's reported that Snyder didn't want his comics involved with the event, which caused problems at DC.

Dan DiDio part of DC Comics

Dan DiDio at San Diego Comic Con
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On Friday, DiDio was called into the AT&T/Warner Bros. offices where he was fired and let go from DC Comics. Which then saw DiDio exit the grounds immediately right after. It seems like there may some sort of animosity between the two.

It's rumored that AT&T doesn't want to do the 5G reboot as they have too many moving pieces with the classic characters involved with the movies, television shows, and the various merchandise products. Division in which make good money, but DC Comics sales have been low.

What This Means for Dc Comics

DC Comics not in the best spot
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It's said AT&T is considering using Hollywood movie and TV writers on the DC comics - writers who already have a proven track record. It makes logical sense, but moving writers into a different medium can be troublesome, to say the least. As not all writers are capable of jumping over to a different form of writing as habits that don't apply to the new medium. Although we have seen success in these types of moves. We'll see the direction DC or Marvel goes with.

AT&T Possibly Licensing DC Comics to Marvel


It is claimed that AT&T is also contemplating getting out of the publishing game and essentially loaning DC Comics out, possibly to Marvel. It's said AT&T doesn't want to sell DC Comics because they see the value in its intellectual properties which no question competes with in terms of popularity with Marvel characters. It would be interesting to see the people at Marvel tackle a character like a Batman or a Superman and see the direction they go with, but that's yet to be seen as nothing has been confirmed.

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