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Social Media Reacts To Season Premiere of New '90 Day Fiancé' 'Before The 90 Days'

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

The fourth season of TLC's '90 Day Fiance' Before The 90 Days premiered last night and it seems that it will be another crazy ride. Some cast members may not be who they seem as such as 54-year-old Ed, who is also only 4'11. He has a career as a photographer and video chats with his 23-year-old girlfriend, Rosemarie. She is aware of his appearance but may be skeptical of his height. This also comes with Brown's 29-year-old daughter disapproving of the relationship. Brown is also known for the love he has for his dog, Teddy and his unusual tactics of making his hair feel good by putting mayonnaise in it.

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There is also 51-year-old Yolanda, who lives in Las Vegas with her six children. She falls in love with a muscular man named Williams who says he lives in England. He does use Catfish-like tactics though as excuses to not video chat with Yolanda. He says things like his camera his broken. Her son made the point that whenever someone's phone breaks, they usually get a new one. The children also say that Williams' voice doesn't sound like it's from the UK.

We also see the return of Darcey and Tom AGAIN. They didn't appear in the first episode last night but we were given a trailer of what was to come. It appears that Darcey is going to England again to try to win Tom's love. When Darcey left her visit last time, thing didn't leave on a good note. Tom claims that she constantly calls him late in the night and accuses her of constantly needing attention. This plays a huge factor in what appeared to be their downfall.

We also have a Michael-Angela like situation on this season of Before The 90 Days. 52-year-old Lisa is pursuing a 30-year-old Nigerian man named Usman. He is also a huge celebrity rapper in his home country as he goes by Sojaboy. (Not the Soulja Boy that we've been used to since 2007.) Lisa is very insecure about Usman's stardom as she constantly looks at his social media comments from women. She confronts him about it but he says that he's not married yet. Lisa is also on a mission to show him what unprotected sex feels like as he always practices it safely.

We will also see Avery from Seattle, WA pursue Ash from Melbourne, Australia. Ash is a "relationship coach" who only works with single women and this may pose as a problem. Avery has two children already and Ash could see this as a problem as well. Avery's career so far consists of being a dental assistant along with having a passion for cooking. She often infuses her recipes with marijuana. She clashes with Ash in the preview for what's to come this year which leads many to believe they won't make it. Stay tuned to see other cast members for this season of Before The 90 Days every Sunday night at 8pm ET.

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