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'The Walking Dead' Disturbs Viewers with a Sexual Scene Between Negan and Alpha

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By Angela Sanner

SPOILER - On Sunday, February 23, the mid-season premier of The Walking Dead truly "shocked" and "disturbed" some viewers who watched the episode. The premier is titled, "Squeeze" and it revealed what happened to two characters who were trapped inside of the cave. Unfortunately, the dynamite went off and caused the cave to collapse, trapping Connie (Lauren Ridloff) and Magna (Nadia Hilker). HOWEVER, this may not be the most disturbing scene for some as viewers watched a "sex" scene between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Alpha (Samantha Morton).

Content Warning

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At the beginning of the episode, a "Sexual Content Warning" warned viewers of an upcoming sexual content scene. During this scene, Negan was taken farther into the woods by the leader of the Whisperers, Alpha. He thought this was the end of his life and it was going to be Alpha that finally takes him out. She spoke of a "spy" inside of their Whisperer group. Earlier, Negan had mentioned that Gamma (Thora Birch), was acting suspicious because of her sneaky behavior.


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This bit of information is what gave Alpha the "butterflies." She knew she could trust Negan as he has become a vital part of their group, so far. This news apparently excited her and she took it upon herself to give Negan a "reward" for his loyalty. Alpha instructed Negan to take his clothes off as she spoke of this loyalty and pertinent information. Negan thought he was a goner, however, when he turned around, Alpha was stripped naked as well wearing only her Whisperers face mask.

Viewer's Reactions

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At the end of the scene, we only see Negan and Alpha hugging and kissing while standing naked. This has apparently shocked and horrified fans as they have expressed their concerns on social media. Some calling the scene, "more disturbing than zombie guts." Another viewer posted the "vomit" emoji. Another viewer mentioned that the characters, "left their socks on!" Others are trying to "erase" the scene from their minds. It has certainly caused an uproar as many fans find this scene to be "not necessary."

Showrunner's Response

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In response to this "disturbing" scene for some, Showrunner Angela Kang, explained a little bit about the idea and what was to be accomplished. She told the Hollywood Reporter, "We always felt like we needed some of the story of Alpha, Negan and their strange relationship. It's the way Alpha sees exactly who Negan is. She's not wrong about him being a crass man. Negan, being Negan thinks, 'Well, it's an opportunity for me!'" Some agree to an extent, obviously, as some viewers found it to be a little bit too much to handle. The Walking Dead premiers on Sundays on AMC.

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