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TLC: 90 Day Fiance

'90 Day Fiancé: 'Before the 90 Days' Season 4 Premiere

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By Jennifer Vaughn

Season 4 of '90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days just premiered on TLC yesterday, February 23, 2020. Just FYI, this article contains spoilers for anyone that has not seen the episode.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's get started with who exactly the couples are on the show.

The first couple worth mentioning is Ed and Rosemarie. Ed is from San Diego and apparently put off dating for nearly 20 years to focus on raising his daughter. Rosemarie is from the Philippines and is 23 years old. Now that you know this, it is worth mentioning that Ed is 54, and his daughter is 29. It seems as though TLC seeks out age gap long-distance relationships for this show.

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Obviously Ed and Rosemarie have been met with skepticism regarding their choice to be together, most likely because of the age difference. Let's hope she isn't just in this for a green card. Apparently Ed has sent Rosemarie '$5,000 in gifts' to this point. I mean, people buy each other gifts. She surely isn't in it just for the money....right?

The next couple on the show is Avery and Ash. They are closer in age, at 32 and 38. They met on Instagram. Oh, the 21st century, and how it is possible to find love this way. Avery is also a single mom to a 10 year old.

Ash is even a relationship coach. Is anyone else having nightmares about Darcy's nightmare relationship with Jesse after knowing this? Let's just hope Ash is NOTHING like the egomaniac from seasons past.

Love written with fireworks
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Couple number 3 is Geoffrey and Varya. TLC also seems to seek out men that are from a hometown country way of life, which is what Geoffrey claims to embody. He is a divorced dad that hopes to find lasting love with Varya, a radio personality from Russia. Sasha and Anfisa have had varying degrees of success from their decisions to move to America from Russia. Let's hope Varya likes it here. Maybe Geoffrey will move to Russia. The options are endless.

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Now on to couple number 4, Lisa and Usman. Lisa is a woman in her 50s from Pennsylvania, and Usman is a younger man in his 30s from Nigeria. Come on TLC, why this Angela and Michael repeat? I mean maybe this new relationship won't turn out like Angie and Michael's ongoing drama, but one can think it might.

Will Usman even get a visa to come to the US? If his experience is anything like Michael's, maybe not.

In the premiere last night, Lisa even said, "'It was exciting because I've never spoken to anyone so young, But Usman was flirtatious from the beginning. I was kind of shocked when he said 'I love you.'"

The question is, how soon did Usman profess his love? Lisa may need to run for the hills if his words were shocking in a bad way. Usman is apparently 'famous' in Nigeria. Maybe he truly does love her, or maybe he wants his ticket to American life. At this point, who knows? We can all have our guesses though.

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Couple number 5 is Yolanda and William. She's a mom of six from Vegas, and he is from Manchester, England. Apparently, to this point, we already know Yolanda has not been completely honest. Yolanda has also not told anyone except for her oldest daughter about the relationship. She has also never seen Williams on Skype, Facetime, anything. Is she being Catfished? Do we need to call Nev?

Couple number 6 is David, 60, and Lana, 27. He is from Nevada, and she is from Ukraine. David has reportedly already spent over '$100,000 dollars' on his woman of seven years. Suspicious? Just a bit.

The next couple is Stephanie, from New York, and Erika, from Australia. Stephanie is a social media influencer and Erika is a photographer. What makes things difficult for the couple is that Stephanie has a rare medical condition that makes it risky to travel. She has to be cleared by her doctors to even travel to see Erika.

The last couple is no other than Darcy and Tom. Yes...THAT Darcy and Tom. What new drama could they have for us this season? Of course, we are going to watch and find out.

So, now that we know who is on the show, let's first shed a tear that Angela and Michael won't be on this new season of the spinoff.

Now, let's move on with fan reactions.

The comments on the video below, a preview of the season, said many different things:

One person commented on the video with: 'TLC really hit "reality TV" goldmine with this show.'

Someone else said, 'Could you imagine falling in love with a guy and then when you see him he’s a Danny Devito knock-off?'

Another comment said, 'Is it me or do these people just keep getting more and more tragic...'

What always will be true is that people love to hate this show.

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