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The Recent Most Tragic Motor Vehicle Accidents That Resulted In Family Casualities

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By Kirstin Chock

According to a report published from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there were 33,654 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the U.S. in 2018 in which 36,560 deaths occurred. Numbers have rose since 2018.

Recently, there have been some very fatal motor vehicle accidents that have occurred across the U.S. and have resulted in the tragic deaths of many people. Here is information on some of the most deadliest car accidents that have happened across the U.S. in this month alone.

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Car Crash In Georgia Kills 3 Children and 6 People In Total

There have been a lot of car crashes lately. And, most recently, a family of 5 was driving on I-95, going through Georgia, when they got into a car accident with another car that an elderly man was driving. Everyone in both cars were killed in this deadly crash.

The cause of the crash was due to an elderly man driving his vehicle in the wrong lane and going in the wrong direction. His car then collided with any car that was occupied by the family of 5. All died on the scene.

Two Families Killed In Car Crash In Kentucky

There was another unexpected and very tragic fatal car crash in Missouri on I-64 that happened on Valentine's Day. The accident occurred when a man lost control of his Ford F-250 truck. His truck ended up hitting a minivan, killing all 4 people that occupied the van.

The van occupants were two mothers and their two daughters who were all carpooling on their way to a volleyball tournament. The mothers, in the front seats, died instantly. The girls died on the scene. The man made is still alive but has severe injuries, some of which include breaking both his legs. There is a criminal investigation underway for this case.

Two Dead While On Vacation In California Crash

California is known for many things. One of them being the famous scenic route along the coast of California, known as the "California 1" which goes from the LA area all the way to the Bay Area. Thousands of people make the drive for the breathtaking ocean views and incredible scenery.

However, there was a fatal accident on the California 1 on February 18th. The driver ended up getting distracted, lost control of the car, and plunged down all the way off the cliff. The car instantly went up in flames, and the two passengers in the car died.

One Dead And Several Critically Injured in Michigan

There was another fatal crash in Michigan on February 22nd. One car lost control of the car, and ended up colliding with two other vehicles. As a result, one person died, and many others were severely injured. While "driving under the influence" has been ruled out, police are still investigating how the man lost control of his car to begin with. The person that died was the man that lost control of his car. He's been identified as Ronald Spitzley, a 53 year old from Lansing, Michigan.

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