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Justin Bieber on a talk show

Fans Love Seeing Justin Bieber's Softer Side

Gettyimages | Cindy Ord
By Aja

Everyone goes through dark times, including celebrities like Justin Bieber. The 25 year-old has experienced a lifetime of bad mistakes and unfortunately, they've caught up with the singer. Bieber has had a tough few years and seemingly has been keeping up a good front, until now. For the last few days, however, the singer has been a bundle of emotions. It's literately heartbreaking to see the Biebs so down, but that's what fans love the most; his softer side. Bieber proves just how human he truly is.

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"Changes" Album

Justin Bieber hopping into van
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Justin Bieber has plenty of talent as a young artist but still much to learn. In his 2020 Changes album his title track shows the singer went through some disastrous experiences. Bieber ends the song with the powerful lyric, "People change, circumstances change but God always remains the same." The singer rely's on God to give him strength to get through the hard times. The song itself is done in a very bare-bones style with Bieber just strumming his guitar and lending his vocals to the track. The track is Bieber at his most vulnerable state.

Bieber Is Going To Church

Justin Bieber praying
Gettyimages | Jayne Kamin-Oncea

Bieber doesn't just shed his inner feelings for fans though, he also does it for himself. The 25 year-old attended Kanye West's Sunday Service this past weekend to clearly blow off some steam. Kim Kardashian's Instagram video captures Bieber giving a solo performance of Marvin Sapp's song Never Would Have Made It. The Biebs emotional and heartfelt delivery of the song was a clear indication the singer had been sorting through his feelings that morning. Perhaps Church was just the emotional healing he needed that day.

Justin Bieber Can Relate To Billie Eilish's Stardom

Justin Bieber on an outing
Gettyimages | gotpap/Bauer-Griffin

It's great that Bieber is practicing self-healing and focusing on his health more these days. People can say what they want about Bieber but deep down, he's truly a man of faith. He also tries to bestow his wisdom on other up and coming artists, like Billie Eilish. The Bad Guy singer has experienced a whirlwind of success in just a few short years, which has the Biebs concerned. "It was hard for me being that young and being in the industry and not knowing where to turn," Bieber told Insider. By the Yummy singer starting his music career at a young age, it's easy to see why he relates to Eilish.

Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Admit That Not Everyday Is Perfect

Justin Bieber at an event
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While the Biebs is looking out for Billie Eilish, the internet is taking note of the singers change in mood. After a few photos showing the Biebs crying surfaced on the internet, people speculated that the singer had a melt down. Bieber has maturely addressed the assumptions, making it clear that it's the industry that doesn't allow him to show emotions. "When I'm in the media and I look at things on the internet and people are like, "Justin's upset, why is he upset?" I don't have permission to be, you know, human and shed tear." People jump to conclusions over things when they don't even understand the whole story.

Bieber Dealing Depression

Justin Bieber & Ariana Grande singing together
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Bieber has admitted to suffering from depression and anxiety before, though. The singer struggled with creating his 2020 album Changes, citing that it wasn't easy getting into the studio. The singer wasn't sure anyone wanted to hear another Justin Bieber song, which almost made him turn away from music for good. Thankfully, his good pal Ariana Grande, who had dealt with her own inner demons, got the singer in good spirits when she brought him out on stage to perform with her at the 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. From that moment on, Bieber decided it was time to return to his first love; music.

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