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What Are These Couples From '90 Day Fiance' Doing Now?

Gettyimages | Amanda Edwards
By Audrianna Wichman

TLC's hit reality television show, '90 Day Fiance', follows couples (normally, one is American and the other is from another country) who have just 90 days to decide if they want to complete their relationship with marriage, and a K-1 visa, before the time is up. The show rose to fame and success in 2014 and has completed 7 seasons so far. Take a look at some of these fan-favorite couples and find out what they're up to now!

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Nicole and Azan: Marriage in the Future?

Unsplash | Tim Gouw

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou are one of the most famous couples from '90 Day Fiance'. The pair have had a famously rocky relationship, going through monumental ups and downs during their time on the show. The two reportedly have not seen each other since 2018, although Nicole has recently been caught up in some drama after posting her Venmo information to her Instagram, which some fans theorize is in order to raise money to go to Morocco to be reunited with Azan.

Alan and Kirlyam: Happily Ever After?

Gettyimages | Peter Cade

Alan and Kirlyam maybe living happily ever after in terms of their relationship, but everything has not been smooth sailing for them as of late. After quitting his job and moving to Utah with his parents, Alan and Kirlyam decided that it still was not the lifestyle for them, and they contemplated moving to Brazil, where Kirlyam is from. However, this did not play out like they had hoped, and they moved to North Carolina. The couple lives there with their son, Liam.

Ronald and Tiffany: A Perfect Disaster

Gettyimages | Jose A. Bernat Bacete

Ronald and Tiffany seemed to be the picture perfect couple on the show. They fell in love, Ronald proposed, and a happily ever after ending seemed inevitable. However, after he had proposed, it was revealed to Tiffany that Ronald had a gambling addiction and a history of crime. However, this eventually led to the couple's demise, as Tiffany felt as though she had been deceived and lied to, and the element of trust was no longer in the relationship, causing the pair to split.

More Couples That Didn't Make It

Gettyimages | Hans Neleman

Unsurprisingly, several more international couples did not get the happy ending they dreamed of. From lies and scandals to fights and explosions, some couples separated before their marriage while others ended in divorce. While not all of the couples on the show were destined for failure, the ones that do not make it give us all the more reason to keep watching! There is something satisfying about rooting for the underdogs, and watching those lucky few that get their happily ever after is so worth it.

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