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Timeline of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Relationship

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By Carol Cassada

From 2002 to 2003, no celebrity couple created as much frenzy as Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Their relationship caused a lot of attention from the moment the two went public.

Lopez was married to her second husband Cris Judd when she met Affleck on the set of the film Gigli.

Sparks flew between Jennifer and Ben, and she soon divorced Judd so she could be with her co-star.

Lopez and Affleck were a surprising pairing due to their different lifestyles. Lopez is known to be high-maintenance, wearing the finest clothing and jewelry. Meanwhile, Ben has a reputation as more of casual, laid-back person.

Even though their relationship would be short-lived, fans still remember the days of Bennifer.

The beginning of Bennifer

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Rumors of Lopez and Affleck's relationship began while they were filming the movie Gigli.

At the time, Lopez was married to Cris Judd, but less than nine months after their wedding, she filed for divorce.

The ink wasn't dry on her divorce papers before she went public with her relationship with Affleck.

Lopez and Affleck's romance sparked interest from fans and the media, who wanted to know everything about their relationship.

Attention for the couple increased when they announced their engagement in November 2002.

Engagement and movies

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Following their engagement in 2002, the couple began planning their upcoming wedding.

Aside from their wedding, the two were also filming another movie. The couple were the stars of Kevin Smith's film Jersey Girl.

Meanwhile, their first film Gigli was released in August 2003, and was panned by critics and fans. The movie bombed at the box office, making only 7 million during opening weekend. Lopez and Affleck's chemistry or lack thereof in the film was one of the major critics by movie-goers.

Too much media attention

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Despite their film flopping at the box office, Jennifer and Ben continued to command attention.

The couple was often interviewed for entertainment talk shows and on the red carpet.

Ben also made an appearance in the music video for Jennifer's song Jenny From the Block.

As the media's attention continued to rise, problems started to arise in Jennifer and Ben's relationship.

In September 2003, just days before the couple was to say "I do," they called off their wedding. Months later the couple broke up for good.

One of the reasons for the couple's split was the constant media attention, which became too much for Ben.

Best of friends

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Following her split with Ben, Jennifer married singer Marc Anthony in June 2004. A little over three years later in February 2008, Lopez gave birth to the couple's twins Max and Emme.

After seven years of marriage, Jennifer and Marc announced their divorce in July 2011.

Since 2017, Lopez has been in a relationship with baseball player Alex Rodriguez. The couple is now engaged and planning their upcoming wedding.

As for Ben Affleck, he married actress Jennifer Garner in June 2005. The couple have three children together, two daughters and one son.

After almost twelve years together, the couple announced they were divorcing in April 2017.

Ben maintains a close relationship with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner as well as his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez.

Ben says that he and Lopez still talk, and Affleck even praised her work in the movie Hustlers by saying she deserved an Oscar nomination.

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