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Fans Drag Meghan McCain After She Reminds Everyone Why She's On 'The View'

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By Tara Lloyd

Co-host of The View Meghan McCain has sparked outrage amongst fans, after the staunch Republican attempted to remind viewers why she is on The View.

McCain has been particularly opinionated during this election cycle, particularly against Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

"It’s called The View… I am paid to give another view," she tweeted.

"If you’re deeply triggered by a diversity of opinions and want to watch a show where everyone just sits around agreeing with one another on everything, feel free to find a show called The Same."

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However, fans had a different opinion.

"Your view lacks education, information, and truth," one tweeted, later revealing she was blocked by McCain.

"Yes, and we are called ‘The Audience,’ and as the audience, we are allowed to let you know when your opinions sound ignorant, misinformed, or just plain crazy," another fan wrote.

Another responded, "Your views are crap though and you only have your seat because of your father."

"It’s always ironic when one of the most triggered people in the world uses the word triggered," read another response.

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When she was joined by Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on The View's Hot Topics table, McCain asked what Sanders was doing to control his supporters, who she called "the most violent, the most misogynistic, the most sexist, the most harmful."

Ocasio-Cortez responded, "I think he works very hard."

McCain has also stated that she doesn't "want another misogynist in the White House".

"It’s actually one of the few things that really connects liberal pundits and conservative female pundits together is just a level of misogyny—look at Twitter, and some of the accounts they do—directed towards specifically women, women in politics, and women in political commentary," she said.

"I’m sure I’ll have my Twitter lit up on fire because of this, but he has a problem with women."

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McCain is famous for stirring up controversy on The View.

Rumors surfaced that she may be quitting the show after being iced out by her co-hosts. "They aren’t speaking to each other. It’s been about a month. None of the ladies talk to Meghan now," a source told Page Six. "It’s bad. Meghan’s so rude."

She made headlines earlier this month after host Whoopi Goldberg told her to "stop talking" during one of their debates.

The table was discussing Trump's impeachment hearings, namely the fact that Trump officials were refusing to testify. After McCain stated that her job on the view was not to "litigate the ethics" of impeachment but rather to analyze the situation, and continued to talk over Goldberg's efforts to change the subject.

"Do you want to hear a conservative perspective on this show ever?" McCain asked, to which Goldberg replied, "Girl, please stop talking. Please stop talking right now."

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During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, McCain addressed the feud, telling host Andy Cohen, "It was rough."

"I will say that she was having a bad day and we talked about it that night and the next day. It’s live TV and it’s really stressful times for everyone. I adore her. She apologized off-air, she apologized on-air. We all f--- up on the show. I forgive her and I love her and I could not do the show… if she leaves, I go."

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