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Justin Bieber Gets Spiritual at Kanye West's Sunday Service and Sings Gospel Music

Gettyimages | Jayne Kamin-Oncea
By Jerome Danner

Although it was quite popular decades ago to hear popular music artists performing religious music, it has become an unpopular move in the latest years of popular artists. It was something to see Aretha Franklin and Sam Cooke perform Gospel songs because it was a part of their training as singers. But it has been quite surprising to see how rapper/artist Kanye West has made it somewhat cool again. It has already been special for many fans. Now, with Justin Bieber's recent performance, it just adds to its popularity.

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Kanye West's Sunday Service Continues to Bring Out Celebrities

Gettyimages | Rich Fury

Bieber's performance has been making the rounds throughout social media, but he is only of the latest celebrities to make an appearance at West's Jesus-loving and music-filled events. Kanye West has seen other famous stars, from Katy Perry to Brad Pitt, come and join the faithful to his weekly Sunday Service. Pitt enjoyed it so much that he was willing to reveal his positive views on the event after he had visited back in the fall of 2019. So, West's event is clearly popular with people from different walks of life.

Justin Bieber Had Been Interested in West's Sunday Service

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Bieber's recent unplanned performance at West's Sunday Service is not a total surprise since he has proclaimed before that he would be interested in attending the faith-filled event. He was supposed to have made this proclamation to media back in August of 2019 while coming out of an Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills. So, while his performance at the Sunday Service may have not been scheduled, it had been in his heart to sing about his beliefs publicly and share it with others.

Bieber Has Been Public About His Faith

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Singing a well-known Gospel song is not all that surprising considering Bieber has been vocal about his faith for years now. He has talked about how his faith has spurred him to make certain personal changes in his life. Not to say that his faith is some kind of disingenuous stunt to gain fans, but it does look good for his image. He went through a kind of bad boy phase that could have easily turned off some people. Nevertheless, he appears to be very serious about being a man of faith, which includes faithfulness to his model wife.

Bieber's Latest Album Tops the Charts

Gettyimages | Steve Granitz

Besides having a weekend filled with a faith-uplifting event, Bieber can be excited about adding another major moment to his career. He just added another number one album to a list that includes six other number one albums on the Billboard charts. It is quite a feat considering the Bieb has not even seen his twenty-sixth birthday as of yet. He reaches that milestone in March. This also means that he is the youngest artist ever to have this many chart-topping albums.

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