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Tamra Judge

Does Andy Cohen Want Tamra Judge Back for Season 16 of 'RHOC?'

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Reed Chelcie

Great news for The Real Housewives of Orange County, reality show fans! A few days after announcing she’ll no longer be part of the reality show, Tamra Judge recently hinted that she might be back on the show next year.

After more than a decade of gracing our silver screens, the fitness guru reportedly called it quits after she was demoted to a Friend role. But now there’s a chance she’s coming back. Also, there’s more to why she quit.

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Andy Cohen Wants Her on the Show

Tamra Judge
Gettyimages | Bravo

Those who thought it’s the end of an era for Tamra Judge are in for a rude surprise. During an interview, Cohen left the door open for the hot reality show star by saying that he’s been in talks with her for appearances and hopes that she’ll come back at some point.

The Watch What Happens Live host also said Tamra had been an incredibly valuable part of the show and that he has always been interested in her work.

Yes it’s True, Right from the Horse’s Mouth

Tamra Judge
Gettyimages | Bravo

A few days after Cohen’s interview, Tamra Judge herself confirmed that Cohen indeed wants her back. In an interview with Jeff Lewis, the hot reality TV star revealed Andy Cohen told her to run any job offers she gets by him first as he wants her to be part of Season 16 of RHOC.

Judge also said that although she chose to quit and already had a few offers on the table, she hadn’t thought of getting into another show yet.

The Real Reason Why Tamra Left RHOC

Gettyimages | Raymond Hall

We all thought the fitness guru left the show because she was demoted and her salary reduced from a whopping $900,000 to $20,000. Well, while this isn’t far from the truth, it turns out there’s more to her leaving.

Tamra revealed the real reason she decided to call it quits was that Simon Barney, her ex-husband, was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. Tamra found out about Barney’s diagnosis a few days before Season 14’s reunion episode but didn’t say anything because Barney wasn’t ready to go public.

Lewis Two Cents on Tamra Getting Fired

Giphy | Bravo TV

Although Tamra revealed that the real reason behind her departure was due to Barney’s diagnosis, Jeff Lewis seems to have a different opinion on why Tamra was given the ax. The Jeff Lewis Live host believes that the reality show is no longer as profitable as it once was.

This is mainly because advertisers are no longer cashing out the huge amounts they used to, and by offering Tamra half of her previous paycheck to return next year, Production will manage to keep costs on the low.

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