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Cardi B Supports Dwyane Wade's Transgender Child, Zaya's, Decision

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By Jamee Dorsey

Gender identity and fluidity has been openly expressed and accepted on behalf of the LGBTQ community.

Originally named Zion Wade, Dwyane Wade's 12-year-old child, Zaya, publicly decided to consider herself as a female, as she has felt this way throughout her entire life.

This decision has been applauded but, unfortunately, criticized by some people via social media platforms, as they feel that a 12-year-old does not have the mental capacity to make that decision.

Nevertheless, many celebrities have taken a stance against these critiques in alliance with Zaya's decision, and Cardi B was one of them.

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Using social media as a way to voice her stance towards certain societal issues, female rap sensation, Cardi B, decided to take a stance for the sake of Zaya.

Because many critics stated that Zaya is too young for making such a decision, Cardi B expressed that she thought otherwise via her Instagram live. "People are saying this kid is too young to transition, but it's like, how old is too young?" Cardi asked.

She further admitted that she asked her transgender friends when they knew that they wanted to change.

Cardi B believes that there should not be timeline as to when one should make a gender change. Your moral decisions should come from the heart, not your brain, and that is what should always matter!

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Although many of the critics may have a traditional mindset, Cardi felt that they should, at least, understand Zaya's decision.

"A lot of people don't grow up with trans, gay people, this and that. They just don't. So you know I understand that they just don't be understanding certain sh-t, but please try to understand. Because sometimes you will be wanting people to understand you. So try to understand somebody else. Especially when it is a child" she says.

We should all know that feeling misunderstood is one of the most absolute worst feelings to have. Even if you may disagree with one's stance, you must, at least, understand where they are coming from.

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Cardi B speaks on why many individuals within the LGBTQ community hide their identity, but how important it is to openly express your identity to the masses.

She expressed, "When you hold a secret, it just feels like such a burden. You might as well be free and let it out."

She further discusses the importance of education as it pertains to gender identity and fluidity by asking, "Why not educate?"

As you can clearly read, Cardi is a huge advocate of the LBGTQ community. One should have the freedom to express their sexual identity and to educate others to do the same. Your happiness is important.

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