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Gif Hadid looks flawlessly in this denim jacket with pant to match.

Gigi Hadid Slams Jake Paul And It’s Proof That The Savage Queen Is Back

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No one would ever have thought that YouTube gurus and Gigi Hadid’s paths would ever cross, but anything happens in this life and we all have to take it like that. Recently, Jake Paul and his YourTube creators clashed with Gigi Hadid and the model decided not to go down without a fight. Well! Fight online and not physically.

The glam model has shown that she is not likely to be friends with anyone that comes at her mans and Paul made that mistake recently.

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Gigi Hadid looks stunning in this black shirt-dress with heel boots to match.
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According to reports, Paul slammed Hadid’s boyfriend first, saying all sorts of things and Hadid replied in kind. Her words were not in any way subtle because she wanted at all cost to prove a point to Paul and his minions. The point being; if you want to get to Malik, you always have to come through me.

This clash was envisioned some days go because Paul made some accusations against Malik and none of them say well with Hadid who gave him a befitting reply.

Lovely looking Gigi Hadid gives a mouth-pout as she speaks into a microphone.
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If all of this ic confusion g to you because you do not know where it all originated from? Then you are in luck.

On February 23, 2020, Paul met Malik while they were in Las Vega. The duo had a brawl later on, if which we have no idea why and how it happened. However, both parties were quiet for a while until Paul decided to tell his fans on Twitter the reason for the fight.

This however , did not go down the way he had anticipated.

Gigi Hadid looks amazing in this whitish silver dress with matching heel-boots at an event.
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Speaking on the issue, Paul mentioned on Twitter that Malik said a lot of things to him and he addressed him as a “little guy.”

“Also me had to clap up Zaya from 1 direction because he is a little guy and had no attitude and basically told me off for no reason when I was being nice to him.” He said.

Paul seemed like he was really hurt about everything, but then, that was one sid rod the story that went down in Las Vegas. Apparently, what happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas anymore.

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Malik has nothing to say about the tweet from Jake, but Hadid, who is Malik’s lover, clapped back at Paul for what he said.

Hadid insisted that Malik did not want to hang out with Jake and his friends, whom she described as ‘embarrassing.’

Hadid was definitely not going to sit back and watch anyone come at Malik, so she did the job herself.

Would you defend your lover if you were put in the same position? Tell us in the comment section below.

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