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Channing Tatum at Comic Con

'Gambit' Reportedly Back On The Table for Marvel: Is Channing Tatum Still In The Conversation

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By Christian Avina

Having scripts, outlines, entire movies going into developmental hell is nothing new in the entertainment industry, but this particular Marvel property might finally see the light of day. Gambit was planned long ago when the superhero genre was in its infancy and wasn't the massive powerhouse and box office destroyer that it is today. The film never got any traction, Channing Tatum was in early talks to play Gambit and announced back in 2017 that he was going to take on the role, but since then it's been like a ghost town for the X-Men solo film.

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Gambit Seemingly Back on the Radar

Channing Tatum
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As mentioned before, in 2017 Tatum announced at Comic-Con that the Gambit Film was back on track and would be starting production, but things quickly took a dive. Tatum decided to leave the project after not being able to nail down a director and after the Fox and Disney merger, the film hopes of ever coming to fruition was lost. As of 2020, the film is reportedly in the early stages of planning. Could this finally be the start of the Gambit film we've been waiting for?

What We Have So Far For The Gambit Movie

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WeGotItCovered recently reported, relying on the same sources who knew She-Hulk was coming to Disney+ and Green Lantern was coming to HBO Max (Warner Bros upcoming streaming service), prior to either announcement, that Marvel likes the current script that exists for Gambit, and the studio is hoping to turn it into a film sooner than later. If these sources are true, this is very exciting news to finally have a film that we were promised for years to get some much-needed attention.

Is Channing Tatum Still The 1st Pick?

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Channing Tatum has always been attached(I'm using that term very loosely) to the Gambit movie. It's been three years since he was "announced" for the role, but will Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige choose him for the role? No one knows for sure but it's more than likely Marvel Studios will go with a different actor to play Gambit.

Kevin Feige has been looking for an excuse to put Keanu Reeves into the MCU. He's said on the record that his team meets with Keanu Reeves for every film Marvel Studios has in the works and I think this might be the chance Feige is looking for.

Fox and Disney

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When Fox was sold over to Disney back in March of 2019, fans thought that chances for Gambit to ever get a movie was slim to none after the merger. WGTC reported that the studio will recast the main role, but bring back Gore Verbinski to direct the project, one of the original directors attached to the film. He is more than capable and he has quite a vast amount of experience dealing with big-budget films. We'll see what other news pops up for the Gambit film.

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