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Hilary Duff looks amazing as she dazzles with a bright smile on her face.

Hilary Duff Slams the Paparazzi for 'Stalking' Her Underage Son

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By Favour

Many celebrity parents always want to do everything in their power to keep their kids safe from the prying eyes of the public or in some cases, from aggressive paparazzi. It happens this way because many of them are exposed to threats from trolls or non-fans that do not like the celebrity parent in question. In the past, celebrity kids have been targeted by people who do not like the celebrity in question and no one wants this for their kids.

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Hilary Duff is proof that moms still got it as she looks stunning in a red flowing dress on the red carpet.
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Usually, some celebrities go as far as restraining their kids from watching television always or using social media applications at all. This may sound too harsh because other kids are doing it and getting away with it, but many celebrity kids are given the kind of attention that they are not matured to experience. One thing every parent has the right to do in the life of their kids, is keep them safe at all cost, even if it means airing out personal opinions online.

Hilary Duff poses for the camera with a large smile on her face and she looks gorgeous.
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Speaking of celebrities airing their personal thought online, recently, Hilary Duff came for a paparazzi who would not leave her kid alone. According to reports, the photographer shared pictures of her son during one of his games and Duff was offended by this action.

Duff is an amazing actress who tries her best to get along with her fans and give them what they deserve on the big screens, but one thing she does not toil with, is her family’s privacy and recently, it was invaded.

Hilary Duff is photographed during a make-up session and she already looks glamorous.
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Duff shared a video on Instagram where she intercepted someone taking pictures of the kids while they were playing a game and she asked who he came with. The intruder was heard saying he came with himself. Duff went on to tell him to stop taking pictures of the kids without their permission or for no reason, but he would not budge.

The photographer told Duff that it was legal to take pictures, but she insisted that it made her feel uncomfortable.

Hilary Duff looks gorgeous in this green suit at a dogs rescue event.
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In the video, the photographer offered to show Duff an identification to show that he was truly a photographer, but she said that she did not want him to. Rather, she wanted him to stop taking pictures of 7-year-old boys playing a football game, including her son.

Anyone could tell that Duff was more uncomfortable than she was pissed, but the photographer insisted that what he was doing was legal.

Several fans shared their thoughts on Duff’s video and many thought it weird that the photographer was taking pictures of kids at a game that his children were not even participating in,

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