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Hilery duff speaking at an event.

Hilary Duff Accuses Paparazzi Of 'Stalking' Her Son

Gettyimages | Sarah Morris
By Trace Alan Salzbrenner

Hilary Duff was enjoying her young son's soccer game recently when she noticed a man taking photos of the children with seemingly no connection to anyone else there.

In a video posted to Instagram Duff can be seen confronting the man.

“Hey, who are you here with?” Duff asked the photographer. He responded that he is only here by his own volition. He then continued, “Do you know any of the people on the team? Can you stop taking pictures of the kids please?”

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Hilery Duff at an event.
Gettyimages | Presley Ann

The conversation continued with the photographer saying it was legal for him to be there but Duff responded that it was making her "really uncomfortable."

When the man pulled out his ID she said, “I’m not asking you to show me ID. I’m asking you to stop taking pictures of our 7-year-old children if you don’t know anyone that’s here. I’m asking you, human to human, as a mother, if you don’t know anyone here can you please stop taking pictures of our children playing football this morning.”

Hilary Duff posing for a picture.
Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi

The man continued and said he was just there to "practice his photography" and that he's "not here to scare you or anything like that." He then said, “Your paranoia factor is unwarranted.”

“No, it’s just an uncomfortably factor that these are 7-year-old children and you don’t have a child here,” Duff told the photographer. “I will just post this to my 15 million followers on Instagram, and let people know how creepy it is that this is what you choose to do on your Saturday morning.”

Hilary at an event.
Gettyimages | Taylor Hill

Other celebrities were happy with what Duff did.

Busy Philipps wrote, “THIS IS INFURIATING. This is about his OWN perceived POWER over others. I imagine it's the only time this pathetic person feels any power in his life. I know it's illegal for an adult not with a child to be inside a playground — how is taking pictures of children without parental consent legal?!??”

Nikki Reed commented, “This is beyond unacceptable and I stand behind you with an army of mothers who applaud you for refusing to back down in an instance where yet again, a paparazzi is stating his right to photograph minors.”

Hilary Duff getting her makeup done.
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However, some fans weren't as convinced. One person in Instagram said, "Of course you can complain about him taking pictures of strange children. But it’s also illegal - at least in Germany - and wrong to post a video of an -by law - innocent man with the undertone of being pedophile when there’s no evidence. I guess this guy could sue her. To post this video and at the same time not wanting your kids to be photographed makes no sense at all."

Another said, "Leave this man alone !!"

So, what do you think? Was Duff right to put this man on blast or should she have just left it alone?

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