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What Hilary Duff Had To Say About Man Photographing Her Kids

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By Nora Pattugalan

Parents would typically warn their children about stranger danger. This probably wasn’t something on Hilary Duff’s mind when she witnessed and confronted a total stranger photographing her own son. As a random yet unsettling occurence, Duff reacted immediately.

This happened during her child’s soccer game Saturday morning. The man in the video claimed he was practicing photography skills and that it was legal to do so.

Wanting to warn others, she posted the event on social media. Some attention received was not expected. Because she is a widely known celebrity, a reason given was that the man was just “practicing his photography”. Needless to say, this was still an invasion of privacy to Duff herself and the children.

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The actress previously had unfortunate encounters with paparazzi who "followed her and her chldren" back in late 2019. It was a normal habit for Duff to whip out her phone and begin live recording each incident as they occur, and, posting them as Instagram videos.

When something threatening in public happens, people will generally record on video to gain proof or evidence. In defense, At that point, Duff assumed the man was part of paparazzi intending to photograph her child and the others.

The man refused to fully expose his true intentions, giving her all the more reason to be suspicious.

On a certain degree, public photography can be legal as long as it is reasonable. In recent years, people are to require consent before photographing others.

A few things to go over are that Hilary Duff was in a park, where children are playing, parents are supervising and supporting their kids at play, and that they are all strangers who just want to be there on a Saturday morning. Public photography is not an uncommon practice as people have their own topics to choose and locations to use for their purpose.

The man in question was at the same place as Duff, and her children, and was taking photos of the children and/or other things at the park. Because this seemed like a repeated offense, Duff felt that the man was stalking her.

Commenters on websites such as TMZ have stated how the photographer making an excuse is definitely a red flag. Having an ID and debating with the celebrity proved suspicion regardless of what others think.

Following the post, mass media reported the incident. Celebrities and fans alike agreed that paparazzi or anyone else shouldn't be able to photograph their children.

"Children should be protected under the law.", says Emmy Rossum.

"I like the part where he tries to blame your 'paranoia' when he os literally standing there with a camera taking photos of 7 year old kids.", comments Tank Sinatra.

Those unamussed attacked the actress stating that she was the one harrasing the man. Anything from racial to gender-based backlash ensued.

As both sides of the argument clashed, the level of discomfort withstands. This is a national problem that persists among parents and minors.

Photography is generally legal in speciifc areas such as the park, although, it is a personal preference to be photographed. Hilary Duff will definitely not back down any time soon no matter how many paparazzi personell she has to confront.

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