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Lizzo Calls Out Misogynistic Body Shamers

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Adreon Patterson

Lizzo spoke out against the double standards of body-shaming after a Brazilian interview goes down a negative road.

Over the past year, the body-positive artist has become incredibly because of her catchy songs and the message behind them. Despite not meeting conventional beauty standards in music, she’s not been afraid to show her skin and the world loves her for it.

From the start, the male interviewer didn’t seem very impressed with the pop star with some of his questions verging on inappropriate, if not downright rude.

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During the interview for Brazil's TV Folha, the Grammy-winning singer-rapper was asked by the interviewer how she felt about not winning all eight Grammys, which she was nominated for.

The artist seemed ready for the question as she responded, “Who the fuck expects to win all eight that you’re nominated for!”

She added, “I won three Grammys. How many Grammys you got, ok?… I’m not gonna sit and say ‘Why didn’t I win all eight?’ I got three! Shit, I’m happy.”

Giphy | Lizzo

The interviewer then asked the pop star how America reacted to her and realized that she “didn’t follow all the conventions of beauty.”

At the moment, Lizzo didn't flinch as she commented on knowing people would accept her.

“I think they were just like, ‘Wow, she’s so beautiful. She’s perfect,'” she responded. After answering the question, she turned the question back to him.

“I mean, what is conventional beauty?” Lizzo asked. “I walk in the room and everyone stops and stares. What’s more beautiful than that?”

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The interviewer followed up that question by asking her if she thought her success was due in part to her not fitting the typical look that the public is used to seeing from public figures.

Since coming into the public conscience, this has been a viewpoint Lizzo has had to combat. Fortunately, she had no problem answering the question.

She explained, “I don’t think that’s why I’m successful. I’m successful because I’m very talented and I work very hard."

Outside of being a body-positive role model, the singer's talent and songwriting have been the main reason for her music success.

Wikimedia |,_2016.jpg

After the barge of click-bait questioning, Lizzo felt the need to let him and other misogynists know her opinion on her body and image.

She stated, “I think that women are always going to be criticized for existing in their bodies."

She went on to compare herself to the women who have had to face the same body criticism she is currently experiencing. She felt her plight wasn't any different from those women as they “literally be politicized just to be sexual.”

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She pointed out how women's differences are often referred to as flaws. But those women fought the good fight against those attitudes so that she could do become the major entertainer she is today.

“So, what does that tell you about the oppressor?” the singer mentioned. “What does that tell you about men? Get it together, we don’t talk about your dick sizes, do we? Like, ‘that’s not a conventional dick size, it’s too small.’ We still let ya’ll asses run all over the goddamn place.”

In the end, Lizzo managed to defend herself as well as young girls and women who look up to her.

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