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'Modern Family' Star Sarah Hyland Makes Final Post About End of Show

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil
By Jerome Danner

The 11-year-old (and 250-episode-old) hit series - Modern Family - is finally calling it a day and ending what has been an incredible run. Fans have seen Ariel Winter, Rico Rodriguez, and Sarah Hyland, among the other child actors of the show, grow up in front of their eyes. Now, it is time for the stars to go off and possibly take on more work in the world of Hollywood. Sarah Hyland did not want to miss the opportunity to express her joy for having been on the show.

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Other Modern Family Stars Post About Last Days on Set

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Hyland was not the only one to post about the series finale and the last time (at least, for the foreseeable future) that the cast and crew will see each other. Actress Sofia Vergara made multiple posts about the end of shooting for the hit sitcom. It was sad and exciting times for everyone to call it a wrap for their time on this comical ABC series. This brought about the tears, but not just for sadness to see it all go and saying goodbye. The waterworks were also brought on by the humor of the show as well.

11 Years is a Long Run

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It is no small feat to amass 250 episodes of a television show. You have to have something that continues to bring viewers back for more. They have to feel something for the characters obviously. But they have to be entertaining simultaneously. With this show being about family, they had to figure out ways to make the characters exciting, while making them believable enough for crowds to make an association with them. Fans clearly could see their daughter or sister or friend in Sarah Hyland. Maybe they say their father or brother or whomever in Ed O'Neill. Regardless, it took major effort for the creators, producers, writers, and actors to pull it off week after week, year after year.

Fans Will Be Sad to See "Modern Family" Go

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Whenever it comes to a series finale, the emotions of true fans are typically everywhere. Fans grow up with the characters and develop deep connections with them. The characters may psychologically feel like old friends or members of an extended family. Fans know that they are not real, but the feel disappointed that they will not see them again. So, fans were apt to make different comments to the social media posts made by Hyland, Winter, and [Vergara]. Again, 250 episodes has given fans time to get to know the characters.

What Does the Future Hold for the Stars

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Obviously, stars of the show, like Ty Burrell and other adult stars, have more established careers in film and previous television shows. So, even with the end of this major show, they will continue on building to the long list of credits that they already have. Of course, fans would love to see their favorite characters come back to life again. So, although Sarah Hyland and Ariel Winter would like to go on to more serious work, there may be a possibility for a spin-off at a later date.

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