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Actresses Who Used Coverups to Hide Their Pregnancy

By Nora Pattugalan

As actresses, women must have well-balanced schedules in their home and work lives. When it comes to portraying a character that isn’t fit for pregnancy or the plot doesn’t call for it, writers must be quick with improvisation. There are several actresses who have publicly shared their pregnancy stories while on and off work. Being front and center for the camera is already difficult enough. However, things don’t have to be difficult for an actress and mother-to-be. Here are actresses who used clever pregnancy coverups.

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Zooey Deschanel

During her time on FOX’s ‘New Girl’, Zooey Deschanel was instructed to sit behind a juror’s bench for one of the episode’s scenes in order to hide her pregnant belly. Along with the outfit and posture, it wasn’t obvious that Deschanel was pregnant. For the months leading up to labor, the actress was given time off which meant her character was absent from the show for a couple episodes. Another plan was to add Meghan Fox to fill in for Zooey Deschanel as another character. Because of the quirky of Zooey Deschanel’s Jess, her own reason for being absent was from falling down a flight of stairs.

Kristen Bell

As technology advances in movies, it does so as well for television. For her role on ‘House of Lies’, actress Kristen Bell did not physically hide her own pregnancy belly. Instead, CGI was used to remove her pregnant belly visually. Perhaps this was to prevent creating potholes or unnecessary storylines for her character. In the modern world, it has become a common practice for show runners to use CGI for a variety of genres and shows. However, using CGI to coverup a real-life pregnant belly is something you might not have heard of before.

Alyson Hannigan

‘How I Met Your Mother’ is a show that had two actresses who had pregnancies and worked their way in trying to hide the belly. For Alyson Hannigan, her first pregnancy was hidden with coverups as her character Lily could not have been pregnant at that time. As the show progressed, they decided that adding humor to Hannigan’s second pregnancy would be the best fit. For that, they placed Lily in an eating contest, showcasing an overgrown belly or “food baby”. A food baby is a fun way to acknowledge the idea of being fully stuffed from eating. This was unusual yet triumphant for the character.

Lisa Kudrow

If you are familiar with the show ‘Friends’, you may have known that Phoebe Buffay was pregnant as Lisa Kudrow herself was too. As an interesting plot, the writers decided that Phoebe was pregnant triplets considering the growing size of Lisa’s baby bump. It gets even more awkward as the story progressed when hiding Kudrow’s actually pregnant belly. For a character to have one child on a comedy show can be endearing yet hilarious depending on whatever she does. As quirky as Phoebe is, the reason for having triplets and wanting to give them away is shocking. Although, it makes sense of that nature.

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