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Rob Kardashian Says He Felt Sad for His Daughter Dream During His Breakup With Chyna

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By Liana Fletcher

When young children are involved in break-ups, it can make things difficult and harder on the heart. Rob Kardashian is speaking out on his tumultuous relationship with Blac Chyna, and their messy break-up and custody battle with their daughter Dream. When the couple first got together in 2016, things seemed simple and great. Sources often were quoted stating how great the couple was together, and how they made each other better people. Unfortunately, the relationship took a negative turn over the past few years.

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So why is Robert Kardashian feeling sad for his daughter after his most recent split and custody battle with Chyna? Rob recently went on the record to say that he wanted to have more children with Chyna so that Dream may have some full siblings. Growing up in a tight knit family, Rob understands the importance of strong sibling relationships and the support that they can bring to one another. He was heartbroken over the fact that he won't be able to give Dream and younger sibling with the same mother.

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While we think that this sentiment is precious, we also want to applaud Rob on splitting from what he perceived to be a toxic relationship. And new facts have recently come to light that are helping to uncover that there may have been signs of abuse coming from Chyna. Because of these new and disturbing allegations, at the beginning of this year, Rob officially filed for sole custody of Dream, stating that Blac Chyna's drinking and drug addictions were dangerous and out of control.

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Though the Kardashian family may be in the blaring eyes of the public, Dream would have a much better environment with Rob and his family. Chyna and her mother were often in volatile fights, something that a three year should never witness. With the Kardashian clan, Dream would be able to grow up with all of her cousins, making her lack of siblings a thing of the past. Rob would have tons of parenting help from his sisters and mom, and Dream would have positive female role models in her life as well.

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Break-ups are hard in their own right, but having to build and ugly custody battle makes them even harder. Thankfully Dream is young enough that this won't have a major impact on her mental well-being. we can only hope that Rob continues to make the right choices for his daughter and also pursues his legal rights amid the custody battle. If Blac Chyna's home is as dangerous as Rob has said it is, then no toddler should be around that kind of behavior.

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