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Lizzo Talks About Double Standards in Body Positivity

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By Lena Mueller

Lizzo is known for being one of the most confident singers in the industry. Many of her songs focus on body positivity and she's outspoken about how everyone needs to love the skin they're in. Lizzo loves to show how confident she is in her body, which is why so many people love her. Lizzo is also not afraid to be outspoken about the different double standards that exist in the world in terms of body positivity and body shaming.

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Recently, she had an interview with the Brazilian TV Folha in which she was asked some questions that seemed rather passive-aggressive and demeaning. For one, the interviewer asked Lizzo what people thought of her since she isn't a "conventional beauty." But Lizzo's response to this question is the ultimate show of the self-confidence this queen possesses. She asked the interviewer what he thought conventional beauty is, and said that when she enters a room, everyone turns to stare, and there's nothing more beautiful than that.

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In addition, the interviewer asked Lizzo how she felt about the fact that she didn't win the eight Grammys she had been nominated for. Lizzo responded that it's fine she didn't win in all the categories she was nominated for, as that's not what anyone expects in the business. She said that what mattered is that she won three Grammys, and asked the interviewer, "How many Grammys you got?" She said that she was totally proud of her three Grammys, and who wouldn't be?

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So, there was definitely no question that some of the questions the interviewer asked her were rather rude and condescending. But that didn't mean that Lizzo didn't give him a piece of her mind. She spoke about how she's successful due to her talent, not her looks, and she also spoke out about how many women in the industry are criticized for how they look. Lizzo also spoke about how some women "had to be politicized just to be sexual."

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Lizzo also spoke about all the double standards that exist in our world regarding the looks of men and the looks of women. After speaking about the way that women are treated for their looks, Lizzo commented on what that reveals to society about men and how we don't discuss the way men look- men can be successful regardless of how they look. It's absolutely amazing to see such a public figure talk about these important issues and inspire self-confidence in many of her fans.

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