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Tami Roman Still Hates Evelyn Lozada, but Are There Also Issues with Shaunie O' Neal?

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By Caleb Pugh

Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends? That's what a lot of us are saying afterTami Roman Ex-Baksteball wives cast member said that she and Shaunie O'Neal friendship isn't what it use to be. Ever since her departure from the show for the second time, Tami Roman has become our social media headscarf, auntie, while also thriving in her full-time acting career. But since she has left the show, many of us wonder why she and Shaunie O' Neal have rarely been seen together.

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The cast members have been on the show together for several seasons having a tight-knit sisterhood or so we thought. Tami Roman recently made an appearance on Keyshia Cole's new show One on One, where Cole asked Roman about Evelyn Lozada, the Basketball Wives show, and about her current friendship with Executive Producer of the show Shaunie O'Neal. Roman quickly showed she still hates Evelyn, but the surprising thing was that Shanunie a big reason why Roman left the show for a second time and it seems like it is for good.

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Now for the people that never watched Basketball Wives let me fill you in on the drama. So Basketball Wives is a reality television show about a group of Ex-wives from current and former Basketball players. The cast included Roman, Lozada, O'Neal, and many other wives who were swapped in and out during from season to season. Roman Beef with Lozada is well documented on the show with them still having real-life issues with Roman calling Lozada a "Demon Seed", while also blaming her for the shows decline in 2017.

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On the show Roman revealed that Lozada had slept with Shaunie ex-husband Shaq, Lozada quickly denied those and that's when the friendship between Roman and O'Neal began to strain. In an interview O'Neal stated “I think that that whole mess definitely affected the relationship between Tami and I,” O’Neal said in 2019. “I didn’t want it to because I did feel like Tami was telling me because she gave a damn, but I think that what was in question was ‘when.’ This has been going on for so long or you’ve known for so long. Why now? ” Roman also stated that the strain started before that.

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Roman says that everything changed once Lozada return to the show. “The whole dynamic changed. And for me it was just not a happy place to be once she returned,” she told Keyshia Cole on her new FOX Soul talk show. “And this is no secret. She doesn’t like me, she never has liked me, I tried to be friends, and so now I’ve accepted that she doesn’t like me, so now I don’t like you.” Roman also said that Shaunie picking Lozada's side instead of staying neutral during their beef led to the ultimate demise of their friendship. Roman has left the show for good, but hopefully, she and Shaunie can become friends again.

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