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The Good and The Bad with Lizzo

Gettyimages | Dave Simpson
By Justin Anakani

Lizzo is an accomplished singer,songwriter, and musician. She has been blowing up all of 2019 and 2020, and it seems like her reign won't stop for anyone anytime. She has the ability and the skill set to pursue and further her career in music, but sometimes she can do a little too much. There are people who are turned off by Lizzo's antics and there are others that respect and envy her bravado. There are 2 sides to every coin, and Lizzo exposes them both.

The Brightside

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Lizzo is a woman with many talents, but what made her gravitate such an alarming amount of people in such a short period is what she stands for. She stands for big black women who are disenfranchised in the entertainment industry; this showcases hope and possibility that these women can be successful too. Big black women are marketable and are beautiful. She was a cover model for Vogue, which shows immense progress in an industry where big woman aren't seen as beautiful.

The Darkside

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The problem with Lizzo is synonymous with her body; she's too much at times. She has a good message and is a good aspiration for other big black women who don't see themselves in entertainment but that doesn't make her invincible. Lizzo was wearing an extremely revealing and uncomfortable attire at a family friendly Timberwolves NBA basketball game. Lizzo doesn't have social immunity, not caring about how others may perceive her doesn't exempt her from being bad example for other young women.

The Consensus

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I believe Lizzo is mainly a good celebrity, in the sense that she's being true to herself and stands by who she is as a person and she stands by people who identify as her. However, there need to be some reflection, being a top artist doesn't mean a person has all the answers and ability to do whatever they want. When a person puts a brand or image on their face, they have to stand by it or they'll eventually lose credibility. This is absolutely necessary to be relevant and to be taken seriously.

In the Mirror

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Lizzo needs to take some and remind herself of the person she wants to be and the type of people she wants to represent. Yes, it's fun for a celebrity to do what they want, but all of that is in the moment and the plan is to account for the future and care about what happens next. A lot of celebrities forget that people come and go and someone else can take your spot, but it's how you hold yourself that truly sets you apart from the other competitors.

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