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Has Nick Cannon's 'Wild 'N Out" Run Its Course?

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By Jerome Danner

Nick Cannon has had much success in the 2000s. From hit songs to successful movies, he has most definitely left his stamp on the entertainment industry. He added success to work by being a television show host as well, which included major shows, such as America's Got Talent. Even with all this on his resume, nothing else will probably ever be more associated with legacy than MTV's Wild 'N Out. It has continued to entertain fans, while turning some comedians into stars as well.

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Most Fans Still Love It

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Nick Cannon's long-running improv comedy show has been known for well over a decade now. This includes a time where it went on a six-year hiatus. It returned in 2013 and has been fairly successful ever since. With the help of popular guests, from a religious artist, like Kirk Franklin, to a controversial Fox News host, like Tomi Lahren, Cannon and his team of comedians and comediennes have turned on (and maybe turned off) fans throughout its history on MTV.

What Keeps Fans Coming Back for More?

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When a show continues to have additional seasons added, it can run the risk of becoming stale and typical. Wild 'N Out has actually been able to find ways to keep their show fresh. It could have just been another improv show, like ***Whose Line Is It Anyway?***, but it created games that have become quite popular, along with continuing to keep new and exciting talent as its roster has changed through the years. Obviously, producers have to be on the lookout for anything that could bring a negative spotlight on what they have created.

Remember When Rapper Azealia Banks Appeared on "Wild 'N Out"?

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Although fans can be turned off by many thing, controversy can be both good and bad for any brand. For example, there was a time when the show received some negative attention with the appearance (and roasting) of rapper Azealia Banks. She was not happy about jokes concerning her appearance, which she felt was racist. This apparently has brought her to tears and she made her irritation with a joke known during the taping of that episode. Incidents, like the one with Banks, could have easily hurt the brand, if Cannon had not done some quick damage control.

How 'Wild 'N Out' Could Continue Its Longevity?

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If the hit comedy show is to continue its run, then maybe it will be due for some format changes to bring the fans to keep coming back for more. Obviously, a show has to keep the traditional elements for older fans, but newer fans may be brought in by taking something from new viral aspects from across the world wide web. Besides trying things like having different popular people on to host the show, instead of Cannon, the show will definitely continue to build on their legacy by celebrating new artists and even their culture as what has recently been done with Jamaican artist Koffee.

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