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Could ASAP Rocky and Rihanna Make a Good Couple?

Gettyimages | Daniele Venturelli
By Justin Anakani

ASAP Rocky and Rihanna are one of the biggest stars on the planet. They are able to basically whatever they want and more in the music industry, and basically the entire entertainment industry as a whole. Rihanna has that bad girl archetype going for her, and it definitely made her millions upon millions of dollars and fans. ASAP Rocky has that cool guy exterior and calm and collected demeanor that make it seems he can handle anything Riri could throw at him. Could they be a good couple?

Rihanna's Dominance

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Rihanna is the one of the most influential artists in our generation, if not, of all time. She more than established a spot in the music industry, she has changed it and morphed around her identity and personality so intricately that, it's hard for people to imagine the music industry without her. She have high profile celebrities under her belt, from Drake to a Saudi Arabian billionaire. It's hard for any man to get a handle on her. They have to be strong and carry their own weight.

ASAP Rocky's Suave

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ASAP Rocky is the definition of a cool cat; he's hands down a really suave and genuine individual. He looks like a guy who you can talk to him about anything. This type of attitude and demeanor may be a reason why Rihanna is so attached to him and why she would want to hangout with him. She has been in relationships where she needed to change herself and feel tense by her exes' status or domineering attitude. ASAP Rocky could be the person that she's missing in her life.

The Probability

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ASAP Rocky and Rihanna may seem like an unlikely duo but when you look at the facts, it doesn't seem so far-fetched. Everyday they play the roles as ery influential artists who are changing the landscape of what it means to be an artist. However, it is obvious that Rihanna is much more well-known than ASAP Rocky, and he doesn't have the same star power. This could be a reason to why this is not true or stop their relationship from growing romantically.

Should They Be Together


Again, these two individuals are constantly growing and when you're a huge global success, you need more than money or fame to really move or motivate you. You need a person. Someone who will care for you and support in ways never done before, in a different way. This is a unique scenario that these two artists never been in, but it can shape them in ways that are beneficial to the voids they may feel, not only as musicians but as human beings.

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