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Former Royal Couple Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Those Working for Prince Charles and Princess Diana During Their Divorce Paints a Horrendous Picture

Gettyimages | Georges De Keerle
By Angelic Conoscere

Images that captured Princess Diana and Princes Charles portrayed them as a joyful couple who would eventually reign over the United Kingdom. They seemed in love with one another and their marriage was highly publicized and was nearly like a fantasy wedding. The Royal couple created two boys while together; Prince William and Prince Harry. However, this seemingly happy marriage had some flaws that eventually were made public. People learned of the secrets and mischievous acts that took place which resulted in the couple's nasty split.

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The Tension Behind the Scenes

Prince Charles and Princess Diana didn't live the fairytale life that some had hoped for.
Gettyimages | Tim Graham

Details of affairs between the Royal couple began to come to light that shook headlines. Princess Diana was vocal on how there was three people involved in their marriage, making it quite difficult as anyone could imagine. Reports of the Princess engaging in the same acts made its way to media outlets as well. The pair did separate from each other but they did not get a divorce right away. The staffers that were assigned to work for the two was in the front lines of the devastating split.

The Timeline

The beauty of their wedding day did not last forever
Gettyimages | Princess Diana Archive

The Prince and Princess had their wedding ceremony in the Summer of 1981 and it has been suggested that they were already have issues with one another. After their second son Harry was born in 1984 it was claimed that the situation between the couple was only getting worse. Nearly four years later, Princess Diana and Prince Charles were no longer sleeping together. A few years after in 1992, the pair finally decided that it was time for them to separate.

An Uneasy Work Enviroment

Anyone around the Royal couple was miserable too.
Gettyimages | Tim Graham

Major Colin Burgess, the former personal attendant of Queen Elizabeth II spoke about how tense the environment was during this time. He stated how staffers had no choice but to choose sides during the split and working with either was extremely difficult. He claims that if you found yourself in Prince Charles office then you would more than likely see an object being thrown out of anger. When dealing with Princess Diana, Burgess stated that it was just as rough. At times the Princess would be "on the verge of a complete breakdown" and she would wonder off without bodyguards causing the palace to panic to search for her.

The Day of The Divorce

Prince Charles and Princess Diana with their two young sons.
Gettyimages | Tim Graham

While the affairs tore the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana a part some may have hoped that the two would reconcile. However, that may have never been in their plans. Fans of this Royal couple were undoubtedly displeased when the two signed their divorce papers, a suggestion made by the Queen. Years had past since their separation and the two listened to the Queen's request. A royal magazine editor named Ingrid Seward, revealed that Princess Diana had told her that she and Prince Charles had cried with each other the day the signed the papers. After years of being in a publicized marriage that was flawed from the beginning clearly took a negative impact on the two and anyone that surrounded them. It could have been a sense of relief from both parties, they could now move forward with their lives. Sadly, the Princess did not have much time to live out her life ambitions as she lost her life only a year later.

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