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Beyonce at an event for "Lion King" movie

Beyonce Is An Inspiration To All, Including Big-Time Celebrities!

Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole
By Aja

It's not often that a singer maintains a successful career for 20+ years and still come out on top every time. Beyonce is the only other musician known to sustain a loyal fanbase and sell records like it's nobodies business. Her last album Lemonade sold millions of copies worldwide and for a good reason. It was a revolutionary, visual piece of work that not only documented heartache but brilliantly intertwined African culture. Beyonce is just one of those once-in-a-lifetime artists whose shine will never dampen. Queen B is so much of a big influence that even celebrities idolize her.

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Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin
Gettyimages | Sebastian Reuter

It's quite the shock to learn that celebrities faint when meeting their famous idols. Hailey Baldwin or rather, Mrs. Bieber flat out lost it when she met Beyonce for the first time at The Cater's exclusive Oscar's Party. The model told BAZAAR Magazine that despite all the people she's come in connect with in the industry, her admiration for her idols never goes away. It wasn't too long either that her now husband, Justin Bieber looked up to Beyonce as well. Although, it wasn't just admiration the Biebs held for Queen B! The Bieber family definitely are apart of the Beyhive.

Camila Cabello Inspired By Beyonce's "Homecoming" Documentary

Camila Cabello at American Music Awards show
Wikimedia |

Other big-time stars that are fans of Queen B is My Oh My singer Camila Cabello. In preparation for her first acting role as Cinderella in the 2021 musical remake, Cabello is pulling from major influences, including Beyonce. Cabello spent hours watching Beyonce's Homecoming documentary and feel inspired by it afterwards. The singer told 73 Questions With Vogue, "it just felt so meaningful and important and connected to humanity." With a little help from Queen B, the 22 year-old will have those pre-performance vibes down pat in no time.

Seulgi From Red Velvet K-Pop Group

K-Pop Group Red Velvet
Wikimedia |

Meeting our biggest idols can be a dream come true. Anyone who runs into Beyonce gets starstruck. She's even an inspiration to the famous all-female K-Pop group Red Velvet. Two of the singers Seulgi and Irene are especially big time fans of Queen B. When Sports Today interviewed the K-Pop group Seulgi revealed that she'd like to collaborate on a song with Beyonce. The Korean singer also affectionately referred to the late Destiny's Child star as Sunbaenim, which is just another phrase for idol. Fans everywhere love Beyonce and her music.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney performing live on stage
Gettyimages | Samir Hussein

Even famous rock stars like Paul McCartney love Beyonce's performances. While being the most diverse and versatile artist in the industry, most would think the rock legend had seen and done it all. The solo artist told RTE that he was so impressed by the massive acclaim Beyonce received at her performances that he decided to see her live in concert himself. "I don't want to go on tour and do the same thing. I want to know what everyone else is doing," McCartney said during the interview. That's a great strategy to learn McCartney. Though it's doubtful he can compete with Queen B.

Lisa Zimouche plays football in heels wants to nutmeg Beyonce!

Lisa Zimouche at an event
Gettyimages | Victor Boyko

However, a young sports star might just be able to beat Beyonce. Football freestyle star Lisa Zimouche has been a viral sensational since she became the first female to play football. The French-Algerian star has beaten big-time football players and even rappers, like Drake at a friendly game of freestyle football, all while wearing a pair of heels. "I like to mix it up and keep it spicy. I like to try different things and be good at it." Clearly, the 20 year-old is a pro if she can beat big-time football players in heels. Zimouche said she'd like to compete against Beyonce next. Let's see if Queen B will accept the challenge.

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