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NYPD Says Pop Smoke Shut His Own Show Down Prior to His Death

Gettyimages | Scott Dudelson
By Kevin JP

According to TMZ and their law enforcement sources, it was Pop Smoke himself - and NOT the NYPD - that shut down his performance days before his murder in the Hollywood Hills. However, Pop Smoke did announce, 'Unfortunately the NYPD wouldn't let me perform.' The LA Times reported that a group of people, one of them armed with a hand gun wearing a ski mask, broke into the house in LA where Pop Smoke was staying during a five-day work trip and shot him fatally in the torso.

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The Investigation Continues


Pop Smoke's death investigation continues and there are a handful of theories as to why he was murdered in the Hollywood Hills. Meet The Woo 2, the 20-year-old rapper's recent mixtape, had just debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 chart, just one day before his murder. The rumors surrounding the circumstances of Pop Smoke's death have been all over social media as the up and coming hip hop star had so much to look forward to in his career.

So Who Shut the Show Down?

Giphy | Pop Smoke

There's been some rumor and speculation in LA and in Pop's circle that gang members might be behind his murder. Pop himself apparently had serious concerns about certain gang members, and this idea is something that has not escaped the attention of the LAPD. Claiming to have spoken with the authorities, TMZ says that the police department didn't make the call to shut the show down. Again, it was Pop himself who did so, concerned that there were going to be gang members in the audience.

Did Pop Smoke Post His Address?

Gettyimages | chrisp0

The rising Brooklyn rapper, whose real name is Bashar Baraka Jackson, posted a video on his Facebook story of himself opening up bags with tags on them that revealed the address of where he was staying. There were comments on Pop's Instagram about a post saying, 'You got people watching you and you got his whole address in the picture. I blame you for this', aimed at Pop's friend who was with him. However, the address was blurred out in another pic, fatal mistake forgetting to do so on this post.

Pop’s Girlfriend, Yummy Yellow, Shares Poignant Post

Gettyimages | Joseph Okpako

Yummy Yellow posted two video clips, one of the couple in the backseat of a car in each other's arms listening to music and the other of the bodacious model showering him with kisses as she professes her love to him. Yummy Yellow went on to praise Pop's resiliency and go on about how how 'rare' he was. She said, 'He never ceased to amaze me with his honesty, I knew everything, I mean everything. He told me he never trusted a girl before but, he was willing.'

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