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'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit' Episode Recap: 'Swimming with the Sharks'

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By shirleena cunningham

The ladies head to a pleasure conference to do some shopping and so that Benson could speak about empowering women through wellness. Benson spoke about how "trama is processed in a sensory way." Meaning when a person is attached they may not remember the event exactly the way it happens. The person may not remember what the attacker looked like or what was wearing. The person may only remember the senses. How the person, sounded, smelled, felt if they where a large boned or small boned.

Everyone's mind works differently and will remember in different ways. That's the message Benson was trying send-off. "Survival takes straight."

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The case

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When Benson was on her way out of the convention she and the other detectives were asked to come back inside because the CEO needed her back inside it was important. When Benson got inside she saw the same look on Luna's face that she has seen on many other rape victims, and she knows what had happened to her. Benson took Luna to the hospital to get a rape kit. Luna told Benson that her CFO had raped her.

Bobby the CFO

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When the detectives confronted Bobby at the office he, of course, denied the rape accusation. He claims that they had consensual sex. He claims that while they were having sex her assistant Sequoia walked in on them. Bobby states that Sequoia and Luna are involved and the only way to get out of the situation was to say that she was raped. Bobby says before Luna was with Sequoia. He and Luna used to be involved but it was against their HR policy. But now Luna hired this young 25 years old who is jealous of everyone.


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When Kat confronted Sequoia about the rape and what happened that night she said that when she walked into the room Bobby was on top of Luna and "she screamed for help." Bobby got off and out. Sequoia claims that Luna said that Bobby assaulted her. Kat then asked Sequoia about her and Luna's relationship and how they've been sleeping together. Sequoia admits to it and said that Bobby was mad that they had one saying it was against the company's HR policy, but it was his male ego.

The story...

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When Benson went to confront Bobby about the rape again he stood behind the fact that he did not harm Luna. However, Bobby had a new story for the detectives. He now claims that Luna is stealing from the company and that the night of the so-called rape he went to her room to confront her about it. Instead, Luna got down on her knees and began doing oral on him. Then they start going at it and her assistant comes in, catches them. Then Luna cries rape.

The detectives went to Luna's company to Look further into Bobby's story that Luna was stelling and found a paper trail of unknown sources. When the detectives followed up on them it leads to another rape victim. This time victim was accusing Luna of raping her.

The truth

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Who was telling the truth? Got assaulted but who? This was probably one of the most screwed up Special Victims Unit storyline over the past 21 seasons. Luna's employees' set her up for rape. The sent emails, and hush money payments. It got all the way to pretrial until the woman Tisa that accused Luna of raping her broke down on the stand confessing it was Vinay's idea to frame Luna of rape. And Bobby really did rape Luna, but for money.

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