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Fight Frizz With These Celebrity Recommended Products

Gettyimages | Delmaine Donson
By Lauren Capps

Fizzy hair is always trouble. It doesn't brush right, leaving you frustrated to the point where you want to give up. Or you slather on a cream to try and deal with it only for it to pop right back up again the minute you step outside, especially if you live in a humid climate. Everyone can struggle with it, especially celebrities in the entertainment industry. After searching, here are a few products they recommend to tame that frizz and keep their locks looking healthy and beautiful.

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One of the first tips to taming unruly fizz is to keep your hair hydrated and conditioned. Celebrity hairstylist Nina Aghadjanian recommends using a treatment mask once or twice a week to really condition your locks with moisture. The OUAI Treatment Mask is a popular choice, and highly reviewed on Sephora. "Seriously the best hair treatment I’ve ever used! My hair is so silky and it’s a nice hair day in a bottle," a five-star review on Sephora highly recommends the mask. Trying a mask just might be the next step in your routine to keep your hair clean and hydrated.

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Taming frizz should not just be regelated to what you do in the shower. You should also add some hydration after with a serum or hair oil. Celebrity actress Camila Mendes recommends the John Frieda Fizz Ease serum for her unruly locks. "I had really frizzy hair growing up," she explains, and says this product "has always been my go-to." This serum is safe for color-treated hair as well, so those who have color don't have to worry. Add this into your routine right before you style to keep frizz at bay.

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If your hair is especially dry even after using a mask or other fizz product, a leave-in conditioner might just be the hair care you need. Supermodel Cindy Crawford loves the Kevin Murphy Untangled conditioner, especially after a good hair day when frizz tends to rear its head. "I spritz a little of this in my hand, run it through my ends, and it just kind of calms everything back down," Crawford says about her favorite item. It has added detangling properties as well that make this spray a must-have for any hair routine.

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Frizzy hair can be a mess, but with a few good products, your hair can be back to beautiful in no time. Celebrities deal with it too, and can relate to all of us who deal with bad hair everyday. Keeping your hair well-hydrated and conditioned can be time consuming, but it is all the more worth it when you step outside and still look your best. And if you are still searching for that right product for you, try these out and see how they work. You might just find a hidden gem that will become a staple in your routine.

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