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Scott Disick Is 'A Better Man' Thanks to His Relationship with Sofia Richie

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By Zachary Holt

Scott Disick, the ex-boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian and father of their three children, has been dating Sofia Richie for a couple of years now and based on reports, it seems the couple is still going strong. This is not to say, though, that they haven't had their ups and downs as most couples do, because they have.

Anyone who's watched an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians where Disick has appeared knows he can be a difficult person, but apparently, Richie is helping him change and become a better man and partner, sources have told Us Weekly.

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Sofia Richie Has Helped Disick Become a Better Man Through Their Relationship

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Sources close to the couple shared exclusively with Us Weekly that Disick and Richie are doing really well together, despite rumors that the couple had called it quits. They also shared that Sofia is helping Disick become a better man, all around.

"Sofia and Scott are great together," they revealed to the outlet. "Scott has become such a better man through being in a mature relationship with her."

The insider went on to share that although Disick, 36, is stil the 'same old Scott' in a number of ways, he's been able to mature and embrace more responsibilities within his life.

Sofia and Scott Make Sure to Support Each Other's Projects and Aspirations

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Perhaps what makes their relationship work so well is that they like to stay out of the spotlight, despite being public figures. According to another source speaking to Us Weekly, both like to keep their affairs private. "Sofia and Scott like to do their own thing and be private," the insider revealed. "Scott can be grouchy at times, but Sofia doesn’t really mind and likes to take care of him."

Each of them also makes sure to get the other one's back, embracing their aspirations and supporting one another through the process, another aspect the source claims has created a strong bond between Disick and Richie.

The Couple Were Seen Looking Happy Together at Sofia's Denim Line Launch Event in LA

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"He is supportive of her, but likes to show it in his own way," the source shared. "Oftentimes if Sofia has a project that she is celebrating, they will do their own private dinner to celebrate as a couple without a ton of people around."

The support and love they have for each other were showcased at Richie's denim line launch party on Thursday, February 20. "Scott looked much happier and more comfortable at the event once he saw [Sofia]," a source revealed, speaking about the event in Los Angeles. "Sofia looked very happy to see Scott and they were smiling and joking around together."

Disick and Richie Are Doing Better Than Ever, Despite Rumors

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Later in the night, after Richie's father, Lionel, left the launch event, the two were seen getting cozy with each other with Richie climbing on Disick's lap, 'looking smiley' The reality star even 'kissed [Sofia’s] forehead and put his arms around her waist', a source confirmed.

So despite rumors that the couple wasn't doing well and had since broken up, Richie and Disick look like they're doing great. A source told Us Weekly on February 12 that the couple was 'totally great' and still together.

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