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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Is Jim Bob Duggar Using Housing To Control His Kids?

Gettyimages | Brendan Hoffman
By danyellmarshall

As the Duggar children grow up and move out into their own homes fans speculate Jim Bo is still attempting to control them. The head of the Duggar family has made his fortune in real estate and has plenty of property to go around. While some of his children have free housing and others are gifted homes those who don't stick to his ultra-conservative lifestyle are often left to fend for themselves. Is this unfair treatment intentional or a coincidence?

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Are Josh And Anna Banished To The Warehouse?

Josh and pregnant Anna Duggar pose for a photo together
Gettyimages | Kris Connor

After news of Josh Duggar's sexual abuse of his siblings and a family friend broke out the Duggar family faced major backlash. He was also part of the Ashley Maddison scandal of 2015. When Josh and Anna sold their renovated farmhouse they walked away with enough money to buy a new home but instead, they moved to the Duggar homestead. There are guest houses on the property but fans have noticed that Anna Duggar's Instagram photos closely resemble Jim Bob's warehouse.

Joy Anna's $10 New Home

Behind the scenes photo of the Duggar family on a morning tv show
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Joy Anna and her husband spent the early years of their marriage together flipping homes. They purchased several properties, renovated them then sold them for a profit. After some time in the house flipping business, Jim Bob sold the couple a home to call their own. The price has fans scratching their heads. He sold his daughter her house for only $10. For less than the price of an average drive-through lunch Joy Anna walked away with a Duggar property.

Other Kids In Duggar Properties

The Duggar sisters pose with thier book
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Jessa and Ben spent the first three years of their marriage living rent-free in a house owned by Grandma Duggar. The couple later purchased the home in 2013 for $100,000, far below market value. Much like her sister Joy Anna, Jessa closely sticks to her dad's rules from when she was a child. She doesn't wear pants and she seems to have no contact with her worldly cousin Amy. Amy happens to live very close to Joy Anna but the pair are rarely seen together.

Rebelious Jinger Is Out On her Own

Jinger Duggar on the red carpet wearing pants
Gettyimages | Tommaso Boddi

Jinger Duggar is the only child who seems to have had no help from her parents when it comes to housing. Even shamed Josh is living on the family property. Jinger and her husband Jeremy have long been considered rebellious members of the family. Jinger is often seen rocking tight pants which are strictly forbidden in Jim Bob's house. She's also watched mainstream movies and shared Spotify playlists of mainstream music to her Instagram account. Is that why she had to buy a home on her own?

Is it All About Control?

The Duggar family in front of their Arkansas home
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The disparity in how Jim Bob hands out real estate to his children is clear. What's not obvious is why. Many fans can't help but take note that the Duggar kids set up in their homes by dad have been those who closely adhere to his lifestyle. Those kids seen as rebellious or who have shamed the family seem to be being punished. Is Jim Bob using the promise of stable housing as a tool to control his adult children?

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