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Michael B. Jordan Might Be Untouchable When It Comes To Dating

Gettyimages | John Phillips
By Jimmy Ha

Michael B. Jordan is private about his relationships, and he seems to want to let it stay that way. He has previously shared about how being in the limelight discourages him to be able to date publicly.

"[If you're seen with someone], they're going to talk about you, they're going to find out who you are," he told GQ in 2018. "And now you and I are forever associated with one another. So now, how do you go anywhere normal, chill, just getting to know somebody that you just met, that you may not — may or may not — hit it off at all? That part of dating is tough."

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The Black Panther star admitted that although things may be going great for his career, his continuous rise to fame adversely affects his love life.

As such, Jordan said that his dating life has been stunted. "My career is awesome. It is going great. There's other places in my life that I'm f***ing lacking at," he expressed. "I'm very mature and advanced in a lot of areas of life. Dating may not be one of them. My personal life is not. I don't really know what dating is."

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But the media is persistent to get any information about his dating life. Jordan was supposedly photographed leaving the Met Gala with Kendall Jenner a few years ago, which could’ve just been that they left coincidentally at the same time.

And there were a few rumors that Jordan was dating his Black Panther co-star Lupita Nyong'o, which Jordan addressed directly. "They're writing their own soap opera that they want to see happen," he told USA Today. "Me and Lupita? I love her to death. Beautiful girl, very talented. People write their own narratives — I don't have any control over that."

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Most recently he's been tied to Kiki Layne and Swedish musician Snoh Aalegra, but there isn’t necessarily anything concrete about him dating either of them, but it is most likely only because they appeared in a music video together with some steamy scenes.

Jordan is well aware of his image as a heart throb, but seems to be taking it gracefully. He told USA that it's "something you get used to" and that "it's humbling thing when people care about you."

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There was once a viral tweet about the girl who was clenching her jaw so hard when watching Jordan in Black Panther that she broke her retainer. The star even offered to pay her orthodontist bills.

Another fan by the name of Bolu Babalola photoshopped herself into a photo with Jordan, joking that ‘they were old flames who lost touch’. Funny enough, Jordan actually traveled to meet her, and joked about it in a tweet.

It seems that although Jordan isn’t dating anyone personally, he is still kind enough to send some hearts towards his fans.

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