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Paris Hilton

All You Need to Know About Paris Hilton

Gettyimages | Mike Coppola
By Ali Grahem

When you hear the name Hilton you probably think of the five-star hotels located across the globe. The Hilton franchise includes 15 different brands and expands throughout 78 countries. If you were a teenager around the year 2003 with access to a TV you also might hear Hilton and think of Paris Hilton, one of the daughters to the massive empire. For years Paris Hilton has been the definition of an "It Girl" and is basically a real-life Gossip Girl.

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Paris Hilton
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Paris Hilton was born on February 17th, 1981 in New York City. She is the daughter of Rick and Kathy Hilton. Her father is related to Conrad Hilton the founder of Hilton Hotels. She grew up living in suites in her families hotels (hence The Suite Life of Zack and Cody's London Tipton) on both the west and east coast. Paris did not finish high school due to not having any friends at the school. She did eventually get her GED.

Paris Hilton
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Paris began modeling at a young age but did not sign a contract until age 19. She also was cast in a few movies however the start to what would be her true calling all started in Las Vegas. It was here that Paris was paid to wear a dress made of $1 million worth of poker chips and attend the opening of the Palms Casino Resort. This would be the beginning of her high class promotional career being paid to attend nightclubs among other places.

Paris Hilton with dog
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Unlimited money would make life so simple, no? This is why Paris Hilton, who has a current net worth of $300 million, would go on to have a show about her life called The Simple Life. The show aired in 2003, it put Paris and Nicole Richie in a middle income family's home in Arkansas introducing the two to a simpler way of life. While the show launched Paris into world recognition it also is what made her known for her "dumb blonde" personality.

Paris Hilton
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Paris may have come off as a "dumb blonde" however this model has a few tricks up her sleeves. Besides using her good looks to make money (her regular fees to attend an event are around $300,000) she is also a DJ, has a clothing line, a sunglass line and footwear.

Paris has also been around the globe attending charity events and is a donor to many organizations. She recently helped raise money for Animal Haven which makes total sense considering she's obsessed with her little dogs (who wouldn't be though, am I right?)!

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