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The United States Is Under Tyranny With Trump As An Unchecked Bully

Unsplash | David Veksler
By Lacretia Roberts

Donald Trump has weaseled his way into the White House by committing treason and even though Democrats and most of the world seems to know it, nothing can be done.

According to the New York Times, the results of the impeachment votes show that under article one, citing for abuse of power all Democrats voted guilty and only one Republican party official voted guilty.

Aside from that lone vote, the entire republican party voted not guilty, though the vote would have required 67 officials to vote guilty.

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For the second article, considering the obstruction of congress, the vote is completely split with each and every democrat voting guilty and every single republican voting not guilty.

Can anyone honestly be surprised by the outcome of such a vote? Donald Trump is an extremely wealthy man who appears to have bought his way into the presidency. If he can do this and use his money to protect himself from any potential fallback, are there any chances of hope left for the preservation of the constitution?

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Trump has verbally and physically accosted countless women, separated and psychologically destroyed families of immigrants all over the country and most recently forced the country into a war to save his presidency.

While many citizens are disgusted and Democrats are scrambling to fight it all, no one seems to realize the worst and most heinous epiphany, which is that nothing will stop Trump from continuing to endanger countless millions of our soldiers, lie, corrupt and run the country into the ground.

Gettyimages | Peter Summers

If he can't be stopped by normal means, when can the United States expect relief? Some Democrats are so desperate they are considering votes for ANY other candidate who comes to oppose Trump in the upcoming election.

If that isn't indicative of the state of chaos the government is in, then perhaps we can consider the fact that Trump remains unchecked and his money is boundless with the power of the presidency at the tip of his fingers.

If our national state continues, most Democrats feel, we are all in serious danger.


Trump has left such a sickening taste in the mouths of so many, that rally around the country, filled with a determined and diverse crowd, are protesting him and all he stands for.

Blatant racism, sexism and abuse of power are obvious and poor reflections of character that should never exist in someone leading the free world.

The damage being done leaves an impression to those who still support, that Trump remains an unstoppable force that no Senate or impeachment hearing will ever stop.

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