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Take a Look at Some of Lady Gaga's Most Stunning Instagram Pics

Gettyimages | Presley Ann
By Audrianna Wichman

Lady Gaga has been serving iconic, bold and daring looks since the beginning of her career. Her style has changed monumentally over the years, and recently she has been serving up the most glam and jaw dropping selfies on her Instagram page. The iconic pop star has shown us the definition of an evolving image, and she continues to slay us with every stunning outfit, bold makeup and stunning bare-faced picture she posts. Here are some of her best Instagram posts to date!

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Geometric Goddess

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

This close up shot of Mother Monster staring into our souls features an intricate, abstract design that creates a mock eyeliner effect. She posts the editorial look with only product details as a caption, but be honest, does it really need more than that? The photo speaks for itself with the soft complexion, warm tones and cutting pattern. She even channels her inner dinosaur, featuring her hands in the classic T-rex pose, often used on Instagram to show off a beautiful manicure to emphasize a makeup look.

Cyber-Punk Rock

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

Is that the most beautiful robot ever created? No, it's just Lady Gaga absolutely killing it in futuristic headshot! Her bubblegum pink high ponytail, gripped by hands with matching pink nails, creates an intense contrast from the sharp winged eyeliner-like sunglasses and detailed leather top. The photo is from a promotional shoot for her makeup brand, Haus Laboratories. The brand has just launched an exciting new product: Le Monster Matte Lip Crayons, which will be released in 12 stunning colors.

Brows: Bleached. Face: Bare.

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

Even when she's not wearing any makeup at all, Lady Gaga still looks amazing as ever. In this Instagram post, she looks almost vulnerable as she looks straight into the camera. Nothing extravagant, nothing flashy, just a woman in her natural state. However, even with no makeup on, she still looks well put together with her bright pink half bun and shiny watch and earrings. She even rocks bleached eyebrows, a bold statement look that is so characteristic of her.

The Most Iconic of Them All

Wikimedia |,_Las_Vegas.jpg

Let's be real, this post is definitely all of us at some point. Monday mood? When you wake up on Sunday morning? Trying to make it through work like? This post is just TOO relatable. Despite the fact that she is sprawled out on the floor, her outfit still manages to slay. The soft baby pink and blue are a perfect pair, and her sunglasses and slippers are lazy day chic. Somehow, even the floor and seat cushions complement the colors of the pic perfectly, too. What. A. Queen.

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