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Comic Books Are the Perfect Money Making Machine

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By Justin Anakani

Comic books are the new cowboys; they are popular, widespread, and a company can milk them out of all their content. These franchises are extremely digestible for the media and it's easy for people to create to put relate with these onscreen superheroes. Comic books have over a 100 year history and it's truly an enjoyable piece of content that companies can give the audience and make a lot of money. This is a craft where people can truly express themselves.

The Craft

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Comic books are an unique form of entertainment where people are able to express themselves and write meaningful content that shows life being grander than what it is in reality. The creators of Superman were immigrants the made it to America, a foreign land to them, and they wanted to write a story about an alien doing amazing things on a planet that's not it true home. This is more than a medium of stories, it is the personification of peoples's hopes and dreams.

The People

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The fans are easily able to relate to these stories. The appeal of these stories and comic books is that the regular person can see their struggles, failures, and triumphs in the bigger-than-life heroes they adore. It seems like everyone needs a role model, but the ones in real life doesn't cut it at times. There are people who truly give their time, money, and life to enjoy this great art form which invokes emotions that everyone can and will feel.

The Corporations

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Corporations, such as, the film industry, the toy industry, and the video game industry loves super heroes. Superheroes are limitless sources of content and creativity. There are people who , once again, will give their livelihood to collect all the antique and rare comic book toys, movies, and video-games sets. Companies loves that and they can generate an absurd amount of money from these passionate patrons of the genre. As long as they can keep making money, the companies won't let comic books die.


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Longevity is a big part to why comic books and superheroes will be around in the industry for a really long time. There is so much content, stories, superheroes, and comic books to go through before people can even scratch the surface of it. There can be many adaptations that can have different views of how the story can go. That's the beauty of comic books, anyone can be involved, anyone can be influenced. This is a genre that has a lot to offer for years to come.

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