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James Marden

James Marsden, Secret Wingman Behind Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

Gettyimages | JC Olivera
By Akayla Boyd

James Marsden revealed hollywood secrets on The Late Late show with James Corden his account of how Harrison Ford and his current wife, Calista Flockhart ended up dating. Marsden, who plays Steven Woods on Dead to Me had a recent interview with Corden and took credit for the couples originally awkward beginning. Marsden had finished up his first and only season on Ally McBeal back in 2002. He met Flockhart on the set and the two of them became friends.

Flockhart, seemingly nervous about approaching and wooing Ford, had enlisted Marsden's help. Flockhart had her sights set on Ford, but her introduction was less than smooth. She accidentally, maybe on purpose, spilled her drink on Ford at the 2002 Golden Globes. She was nominated for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy for her role as Ally McBeal. Ford was accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Flockhart used her spilled drink as an excuse to meet the handsome actor.

It worked and Ford ended up asking Flockhart out on a date. Flockhart played it safe and invited Marsden and a few others out with them. Turning the date into a group outing and making Marsden the third wheel. It didn't end there, when Ford invited Flockhart back to his house after dinner, Marsden and the rest of the group tagged along back to Ford's mansion. Marsden remembers his initial reaction was, "really?! I don't want to get my ass kicked by Han Solo."

Still Marsden and the group held fast to their role as chaperones and followed the fledgling couple. Back at Ford's home, the group enjoyed drinks, but Ford had eyes only for Flockhart. Marsden jokes, "He was giggly and goofy around her but pretty aloof with the rest of us." Reading the signs of the room Marsden wanted to leave the couple alone, "but Clista was like, Don't leave, don't leave..." Probably first date jitters she was still trying to shake.

Marsden eventually made an exit, doubting Ford would even remember him from that night. Now, 18 years later, Flockhart and Ford are still going strong. The couple wed in 2010. Ford describes his life with Flockhart and her adopted son, Liam, as an unexpected joy. This was Ford's third marriage. Harrison has four children from his other two marriages, Ben Ford and Willard Ford from ex, Mary Marquardt, and Malcolm Ford and Georgia Ford with Melissa Mathison. Ford's key to a lasting marriage? “Don’t talk. Nod your head.”

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