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What We Can Expect From 'Friends' Reunion Confirmed By HBO Max

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By Mario Perez

Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane that includes a cup of coffee at the Central Perk? If you have no idea what we are talking about here, then you are really not big of the show! After months of speculation, it has been confirmed that Friends is going to have a special on HBO Max. The show is probably going to be available to stream as soon as the platform goes online in the upcoming month of May.

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What We Know So Far

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What we know so far about the show is that the goal is to have something ready by May. Which, is the set date that the streaming service is said to launch. Apparently it is going to be just one show. Yet, the length and the script itself have not be decided upon yet.

All of the original cast members are on board. This means Jen Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Shimmer have signed on. They are set to apparently make 2.5 million each for the special.

Why Did They Keep Us Waiting So Long?

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There are a lot of theories on why the show never got a movie or another type of thing made. Since the show is still probably as popular as it has ever been with the rise of streaming services. The cast and creators of the show though had numerous reasons why the show would not get a reboot.

Series co-creator, Martha Kauffman once said "The reason is this is a show about that time in your life where your friends are your family. Once you start having a family, that changes. So it wouldn’t be what’s at the heart of the show anymore."

What Can We Really Expect?

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Kauffman certainly had a point. As the show ends it is implied that the characters go their separate ways in a sense. Which, actually tends to happen in real life. Yet, it would be odd for the special to take that kind of sad theme and run with it.

Yet, it could very well be just that one day where the characters meet back up after years of not really seeing each other. Mostly fans may just be looking for that Friends' experience one last time no matter what they get.

Is It Just Bait?

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HBO Max is using this special and the fact that they are going to have every single Friends episode streaming on their platform as a way to get people to sign up to HBO Max. Especially since the show is probably not going to return to Netflix any time soon. That alone could be a reason to get some people to sign up.

If you are thinking about just signing up to be able to watch the special you may be forced at least to stay on a couple of months on the platform. Be aware of that come May!

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