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A Happy Ending For Amanda Bynes?! How She's Getting Her Life Together

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By Audrianna Wichman

Amanda Bynes is infamous for, well, a lot of things. The actress from Thousand Oaks, California got her start as a child actor and is a testimony of how life in the spotlight can corrupt someone for their whole life. She has starred in several TV shows and movies before her downward spiral branded her as just another troubled ex-child actor who could not handle the horrors of Hollywood. However, she has recently returned to the media with some new changes in her life. Is this the start of her happy ending?

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A Troubled Life

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Amanda Bynes is known to have gone down some dark paths in her life and has faced the horrors of addiction. She had done some drugs recreationally, and she became heavily addicted to Adderall after reading how it was an alleged way to remain thin, even feigning ADD symptoms to obtain an Adderall prescription. She attended rehabilitation in an attempt to get her life back on track, and was reportedly in a sober living house after a relapse in 2019.

Amanda's 2020 Entrance

Gettyimages | Michael Tran

Recently, Amanda has taken to Instagram to make her emergence into 2020 with an exciting announcement. She has officially graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in June 2019 and has shared with her fans that she has plans to launch her own clothing line, which she says she hopes will be available online in the very near future. The Instagram video also boasts some new ink for Amanda: she now has small heart tattoo on her face.

A New Man For Amanda

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There definitely seems to be a new chapter in her life starting, and she recently shared even more happy news: she's engaged! The former child actor recently shared news of her engagement with an Instagram post of a giant diamond ring on her left ring finger. Amanda's fiance had never been seen before on her social media pages, but since sharing the news she has posted pictures of the two of them. Though the news is certainly exciting, the engagement may be in trouble if her mother disapproves.

Trouble in Paradise or Smooth Sailing From Here?

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After recently announcing her engagement to Paul Michael, fans realize that the wedding could be in great danger of not happening at all. Since her mother is her conservator, she has complete control over the final say in whether or not Amanda and Paul actually get married. Although Amanda has had a rough past and may face more bumps in the road in the future, her new life changes come as a positive message of hope and perseverance to anyone going through similar difficulties. She may not have a perfect life, but hope always manages to shine through.

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