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Boosie's Son Makes Homophobic Comments About Dwyane Wade's Child After Father's Criticism of Wade's Support

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Three-time NBA Champion Dwyane Wade has been in full support of his 12-year-old son who has now come out as a woman. Named Zaya now, Wade is supportive of Zaya's choice regarding sexuality and it's beautiful to see. One celebrity who has since disapproved of the situation is Louisiana hip-hop legend, Boosie. He took to Instagram Live recently to discourage Zaya's choice and to tell Wade not to take his penis off.

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People have been critical of Boosie to the point where even a Planet Fitness turned him away yesterday for his comments about Zaya. Boosie explained how the manager there also accused him of calling one of their employees a homophobic slur. He continued to bash the gym by saying that they have roaches there and their showers don't have hot water at all. Now, the one person who appears to be coming to the defense of Boosie is his son.

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This is a 16-year-old who goes by Tootie on Instagram. He took to the social media app in his Stories to say "F*ck DWayne and his son idc he gay. My pops said what he said. Stop sending me that. I bet you won't say it to our face." He went on to downplay Zaya's sexuality by saying "I know this chick that will do sum thangs to DWade son that will make that boy back str8." As you can imagine, this brought immediate backlash against him as well.

One Twitter user said that Tootie is just as ignorant and homophobic as is dad and it's sad. Others called for help for both of their homophobic attitudes and that both should be canceled. This is valid criticism here as homophobia/transphobia continues to be an issue in hip-hop today. Last month, we saw Atlanta rapper Pastor Troy criticize Lil Nas X for his pink GRAMMYs outfit. He acted salty by saying that he never won an award and added that this is how you need to look to win one and that being gay is forced on kids now.

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Boosie is known best for breaking out as an artist back in 2006 with his hit single "Zoom" featuring Joc. He came back with another hit in 2007 with "Wipe Me Down." He is also recognized for growing up with and collaborating with fellow Louisiana native, Webbie. Boosie is known for his hot takes on social media now and getting criticized for wearing a Kappa fraternity shirt because he was never officially with them. He then expressed regret for sporting the shirt at an Atlanta Hawks game.

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