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They've Been Dating for How Long?! Keanu Reeves and Girlfriend Alexandra Grant are a Power Couple!

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By Audrianna Wichman

Sorry to break the news to you, but Keanu Reeves is taken! The Canadian actor, who is most famous for his iconic roles in movies like 'The Matrix' and 'John Wick' is officially off the market, and it turns out he has been for years. Not only is he known for his legendary film characters, but he has more recently swept the internet as the subject of many wholesome memes (Keanu Memes, anyone?) stemming from his reported acts of kindness that go viral.

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Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant: Power Couple

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It turns out that the legendary actor has been in a relationship with Alexandra Grant, an American visual artist. The world first learned of their relationship in late 2019, and initially it was thought that they had only recently started dating. They were seen for the first time in public on the red carpet, and fans everywhere were thrilled to learn of Keanu's "new" romance. However, it turns out that the two have actually known each other for years--and may have been dating for years.

Alexandra Grant: A Perfect Match

Gettyimages | Stefanie Keenan

Alexandra Grant is clearly the perfect match for Keanu. Born in Fairview Park, Ohio in 1973, she has become well known for her art that links stunning visuals with texts and language. She uses mediums such as photography, painting, sculpting and drawing to explore the complex relationships between written materials and visual images. Widewalls describes her art as:

"exploring themes such as social responsibility, identity and dis/location. This unique approach simply calls for some sort of collaboration with other creative individuals."

What We Know About Their Relationship

Gettyimages | Neilson Barnard

Although Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant have only recently gone public with their relationship, they supposedly have been together for, well, a lot longer than we have known about their relationship! Although the world was introduced to them as a couple in November of 2019, actress Jennifer Tilley confirmed that they had been dating for a few years before the appearance. They keep their personal lives well out of the public eye, although it is known that they have been collaborating on projects since at least 2011, suggesting that perhaps their romance dates back that far, as well.

A Well Deserved Happy Ending

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The news of Keanu's relationship delights fans like no other. The actor has suffered many tragedies in his life, such as having to bury his child with his late ex-girlfriend, losing his ex-girlfriend in a car accident, and his sister fighting a long battle with leukemia. As someone who has gone through so many horrible occurrences throughout his life and still manages great success in both his career and as a philanthropist, the internet loves to see Keanu happy with Alexandra.

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