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The Gray Area that Exists for Politically-Minded Celebrities

Gettyimages | Rich Polk
By Justin Anakani

Celebrities are in a weird grey area when sharing their political affiliations. There are some that truly believe in the cause of the politicians they support but other celebrities that share their political affiliations are just political stunts that can be counter-intuitive of the betterment of the community, city, state, or country. How can the audience discern between authentic celebrity political affiliation from premeditated political schemes and agenda. John Legend supports Elizabeth Warren and claims to support campaign in South Carolina .

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Celebrities that Actually Care

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Emma Watson is a great example of a celebrity who politically active but is authentic to the causes she believes in and has done real good to different communities and underprivileged groups. She is a UN Ambassador and a proud feminist, so she promotes the human rights that women shouldn't be stripped of in other countries, no matter the origin. She has been to African countries and helped disadvantaged African girls by advocating to help them to the UN. Her words and her political agenda to help women everywhere is nothing short of admirable.


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Greta Thunberg is one of the most polarizing and youngest individuals in this year. Everyday she's making headlines about the climate change and how the government isn't doing their part to save the world and leave a future that's bright for the next generation. That seems admirable on the surface but there has been some question to whether Greta truly feels this way. She is a young woman, who can be easily manipulated by the press or the adults around her. Honestly, she may be a pawn to advance an extreme liberal political agenda.

John Legend and Elizabeth Warren

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John Legend is helping Elizabeth Warren in her campaign in South Carolina. It seems that John Legend cares about Elizabeth Warren and her motives to becoming a potential U.S. Many politicians are using celebrities as a means to advance their position on the race to becoming the next U.S. President. A lot of the democratic candidates are using celebrity to support for the Nevada caucuses, which are important in the next stages of the race. It seems like

Hollywood's Place in Politics

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Hollywood seems to always get involved with politics; many celebrities are used as pawns in order to further a person's political agenda, instead of furthering a plan or solution to a persistent problem in the community. Hollywood is about finding the next be thing and these political candidates are popular, especially in the scope of the biggest election season in the United States government. There are celebrities, who are honestly trying to make a difference and are not just following a person's political plan, but that is not always the case in Hollywood.

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